Running thread 2021

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For 2 hours only, between 18.00 and 20.00 today


Yeah I will definitely make sure I rest more between runs. I'm not bothered about the time it takes, I just want to be able to complete it without stopping.
It's all about controlling your HR and keeping in certain zones. If your working at 80% of your max capacity you aren't going to be able to maintain that over much of a distance.

If you are not working on speed, try and keep your HR between 150-160 and you should feel relatively comfortable, which in turn, allows you to rack the miles up.
No, achilles. It feels very tight and sore the day after a run. I'm going to have to pause for a bit aren't I?
Might be worth getting your gait checked. Your shoes might not have enough of a drop from heel to toe for you. I think there are some running shops who'll do it over video chat while we're locked down.
I started running from minimal fitness on 1 Jan, running every other day. Set out to do 3k yesterday but felt good so carried on to do 5! Half way to my goal with 1.5 months to go - realistic to get to 10k before then?
If you can run 5k then you can run 10k marra. Somebody said this to me last year when I had done half a dozen 5ks and I went out and ran a 10k the next day.

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Dunno. None of their shops are local to me & definitely not local to @janiep
my physio swears by calf raises. and doing a raise and holding for 30-60 seconds. and issues down below are usually from issues higher up. eg tight calves, glutes, hips. i'd suggest seeing a physio if you could! lots of vids on YT that won't hurt to have a look at in the meantime.

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The Silverstone half marathon has been pushed back from Feb till October 10th. And the 2021 race cancelled by the look of it.

Gutted it's my 30th birthday weekend and running a half marathon really wasn't in my plans


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Just had my first pain free run since my car accident. Safe to say I've lost all the fitness I had last year but it felt good to be out. Will just be doing 5ks for the rest of this month to make sure my back holds out before upping my distance.
I am doing the same it is just good to be back out. Did a longer one the other day to test out the leg but not ready for more longer ones just yet. Love a 5k.