Police love travellers.

Discussion in 'SMB' started by the boot, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. MackneyHackem

    MackneyHackem Midfield

    Did I say they shit all over? I was talking about violent crime and being jobless wasters.

    I said I got the runs while I was out having a morning jog and had to have a crap in the woods by Hackney Marsh. Not sure how it's relevant.
  2. monkeytassle

    monkeytassle Striker

    Their behaviour is proportionally much worse.
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  3. mcq10

    mcq10 Striker

    Fucking scum to a man, woman and child and I’ve plenty evidence to back it up.
  4. nyron4england

    nyron4england Striker

    i see the boots monthly attempt to get some sympathy towards the pikeys has gone well :lol: i'm sure you're a decent person but unfortunately the vast majority aren't.
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  5. Ludwig

    Ludwig Midfield Contributor

    Unfortunately it happened in our local area and I definitely didn’t make it up !
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  6. silva fox

    silva fox Midfield

    Why is it when travellers get moved on they always leave loads of empty gas bottles, because when ever I've wanted a new gas bottle if you haven't got one to exchange you to pay a hefty deposit.just wondering like
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  7. nyron4england

    nyron4england Striker

    think about that for a second
  8. silva fox

    silva fox Midfield

    Aye well they leave them anarl
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  9. mcq10

    mcq10 Striker

    DIY store here in the town down the road literally had a break in of gas bottles a couple of weeks ago :lol:

    Traveller camp nearby for the various festivals over the month of August.

    I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.......
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  10. cruze

    cruze Winger

    We had a two visits yesterday from the white van variety offering their building maintenance services. I expect our fields to be ‘accomdodated’ soon.
  11. monkeytassle

    monkeytassle Striker

    Thieving fuckers
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  12. You're right on that point mind. And the misogyny mate. Don't forget that. Not that i'm defending travelers though, because i'm not.
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  13. DJP

    DJP Striker

    Who are these love travellers that you want policing?
  14. the boot

    the boot Midfield

    All of them.
  15. Jabberwocky

    Jabberwocky Midfield

    Not every person who commits anti social behaviour is a traveller but every traveller commits anti social behaviour.
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  16. the boot

    the boot Midfield

    So every traveller commits antisocial behaviour, can you show me where you heard read or made that up from please. Iirc that was a quote by someone about Muslim terrorists which was wrong as well.
  17. Gala

    Gala Midfield

    Booty loves travellers and makes stuff up about them, I cannot be arsed to look through his posts but he’s posted utter shite about their regular visits to Seaburn. When was their last visit booty?
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  18. monkeytassle

    monkeytassle Striker

    His car clipped a rock that was designed to keep travellers off a certain area. Was an accident.

    Same shite travellers come out with to evade the law. Thieves they are.
  19. the boot

    the boot Midfield

    Alreet mate. Nee Durham message boards for you to chat on?

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