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    It is highly unusual for the big superpower clubs to be dominated by home grown products - there is a side in Essex called Wanstead who who the national season before last and were purely all homegrown youngsters. Ableit at least 4 were on the Essex staff where the vast majority of the rest of the side had played county seconds and just missed out on county contracts in their formative years. However, this is highly unusual and you will find in which ever league you look the big clubs will often have a nucleus of 4 or 5 homegrown players who didnt quite make it who then attract the best players from other clubs through contacts by either player county seconds or minor counties.
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    Well said sir, it’s not their success that a lot of people are bothered about, it’s the clubs attitude to others as a whole. In my opinion as far as some of the players are concerned its that they have a chip on their shoulder because they are the “nearly men” who “nearly made it” to the big time.
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    The jealousy surrounding South North is embarrassing. It's common to hate success of course - such as the general hatred for Man Utd during their successful years, then Chelsea were the team to hate as they became more successful.

    South North do more than most for cricket in Northumberland from what I can see and they ALWAYS stay for a drink so not quite sure where that nonsense has started from. Play hard on the pitch, have a pint after - it's as simple as that. Don't be bitter, be better springs to mind here.
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    I have played against them and they genuinely do go on like a bunch of schoolkids. They may play you off the park and be better than you but they constantly look to belittle you whenever they can. The one time we gave them a game they tried to poach our best young player after the game. Same at the league dinner. Was on the table next to them a couple of years ago and they were regularly sniggering at other clubs as their names were read out, laughing at 2nd and 3rd team awards as if it was a waste of their time being there. Bunch of egotistical, arrogant bellends in my experience.
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    It is not jealousy at all, it’s the attitude of the club to others. They don’t stay for a drink in my experience, and quite often behave like a bunch of arses, totally disrespectful to other clubs, belittling both their facilities and players.

    To not be happy by this behaviour is not embarrassing.

    I’d be surprised if the superstars there put as much voluntary work in at SN to keep their club alive as those at other clubs do.
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    I've never had the 'pleasure' of playing against them but I have watched my son play against them at both 1st- and 2nd-team level.

    On each occasion they came across as extremely arrogant and obnoxious - mocking the facilities and the opposition. I can't recall them stopping afterwards for a drink either - the impression I got was that they couldn't wait to get away.

    The young 'un describes playing against them as some of the least pleasurable times he's spent on a cricket pitch. He reckons all the Northern Tyneside-based teams are the same - arrogant and entitled and full of their own self-importance.
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    Don’t forget Eppleton and I’d possibly extend to Whitburn too marra.

    Aye, ties in with my experience that too Jap, I’ve not played a great many but Newcastle had a couple of utter bellends and I thought Tynemouth last season were a particular disgrace - the money that must be in their coffers yet they couldn’t even lay on a proper tea :rolleyes:

    Gateshead Fell with a mention too for dog shit teas.
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    I have played against them loads of times and they do go very hard on the pitch which is fine in my opinion. They are an extremely good team and they have a right to be slightly arrogant.

    The Senior players who do most of the work and have achieved great things are fine off the field and always stay for a drink.

    The problem they have is they have 2-3 team fillers who have been at South North their whole life. They feel the need to show off in front of the big boys and don't know when to draw the line. They aren't even very good either.

    I have never played against the 2nd XI, but from what I gather, they have the same embarrassing attitude as the 2-3 team fillers in the 1st XI.
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    Ah so it's actually a geographical issue because all "the pit villages have more working class heroes than Gosforth, Jesmond and Tynemouth".

    Pure nonsense this thread.
  10. Well I tend to agree once it was made about a geographical area.

    However they seems to be several individuals critisimg South North approach and only you defending them?

    Are they all just making this stuff up then?

    And who mentioned pit villages apart from you?
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    The bairn has played for cls seconds against them a couple of times and they were sound as a pound. He played for Durham 14s or similar against Northumberland’s equivalent and bumped into one of their lads again playing for their seconds. The lads sister does the scoring for them and always speaks

    Got some good players mind at second team level.

    Rivalry between cls and sn as for years they were the best two teams in the league. Not sure if it’s still the same at first team level. I guess it will be.
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    South North is a different beast to most local clubs. If they are generating the income I can understand why they pick the best players around.

    It may come back to haunt them in a few years mind as the league is starting to get a bit stale and it wouldn't surprise me if some jumped ship in the future.

    Set NEPL clubs such as Blaydon, The Fell, Sunderland and South Shields have tried and failed to compete and have been replaced by clubs that are also starting to struggle in the NEPL1.

    If this new format comes into play then I can see some clubs moving elsewhere in the future as by having half the season as time cricket and the other as who scores the most wins, just makes it a even harder for the smaller clubs to compete
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  13. Have Frinton C.C. not ruffled a few feathers down your way with their antics and plating overseas player's as domestic players.
  14. Twisted

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    speaking of which, i've heard today burnham will be playing for whitburn this year. i'm trying to remember if he did last year anarl for a bit
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    Did he not play at Lyons?
    Looking forward to the season now... Shame I miss the 1st week on a stagg doo in Portugal
  16. I don't watch nepl cricket but folk I sit with at Durham, have never had a good word to say about South North.
  17. Sounds awful mate:D:D

    It’s a tough life!
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  18. Ageing trundler

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    Aye, he was at the Lyons for a couple of seasons as a 16/17 year old.
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    I thought they had Carse as their Durham player last year and he did well for them.
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    He did very well when he played and he is an excellent player. Always played as a batsmen though.

    I believe he wants to focus on his bowling and staying fit for Durham this year.

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