People with degrees that are a bit thick really

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  1. It's just the opposite with my phone. It regularly converts "hell" and "well" to "he'll" and "we'll" regardless of the context of the rest of the sentence. It also converts correctly spelled words to different words or simply invents a new, meaningless, word altogether. The result is that I spend twice as much time checking my spelling.
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    Time spent with Corbyn to blame here...
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    Which rough as fuck school did you go to?
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    The play what I wrote
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  6. People with a degree are no more or less intelligent than those without. The only difference is that they have been motivated to do one and have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity. I found the work pretty easy but the fact I turned up and did the work is the biggest plus.
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    I would expect that on all measures of intelligence, the degree educated cohort would outperform the non-degree educated cohort, controlling for age and that.
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    A good degree is the difference between working at Wetherspoons, Yates or Joseph's.
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    Don’t be daft.

    Define intelligence?
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    Chuff me beefy your lectures must have been a barrel of laughs.

    Mind, I’ve had classmates from the sub continent both as a student in England and in America and I found it common that even with those who spoke flawless, accentless english like worr aa dee, (and not like Apu!) when I read their written work it was atrocious. Can’t explain how or why but it was surprising to me that it could be so poor when they spoke so well.

    There were others (orientals mostly) who I have no idea how they got accepted but their spoken English was largely unintelligible and I count more than a few professors who were like this along with students. I made sure to avoid those professors like the plague when it came to choosing classes.
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    IQ would be the best way.

    I could be wrong, but I’d expect people with a higher IQ to be more likely to have a degree.
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    Microsoft sorts all that bollox out for me - written work ? where do you live, 1985 ?
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    Disregarding the obvious misuse of "your", are you pulling him up over failing to use the subjunctive? Not the greatest of crimes.

    Nice dissertation but you'll need to get the word count down.
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    Tw*t!!! :lol:

    That said, that's Unis. for you. There was no way of explaining what went on there succinctly.
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    You could be.
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    I was research staff, not a lecturer. However, one knack I had was I was good at dealing with students on a one-to-one basis. Lecturing staff were thus happy to allow (and too overworked to also care) myself and others in our research group look after their students.

    You've nailed on with your remarks about the standard of English, spoken and written. I found the Indian students who wrote unintelligible English at times well spoken too. Conversely, Chinese and Japanese students could be difficult to orally understand, but written English was a little more intelligible than the Indian students.

    Other quirks included people from some parts of India were shaking their heads for yes and nodding for no. Also, the better English speakers among the Chinese and Japanese spoke English with a slight American accent.

    Another dumb moment was when one of them somehow managed to flood the supposedly watertight electronics compartment of a precision saw with cutting lubricant. It cost us £2,000 to repair and I had a diplomatic word with his project supervisor that if he didn't know how to use the saw, he should ask for help. He denied it and Unis. being Unis., I let the matter drop rather than find the situation escalate out of all proportion through the grievance procedures (remembering he was an international student, hence big fees and Uni. reputation). His English was dodgy to say the least, so trying to explain basic equipment operation to him was probably pointless. But I know it was him.

    One thing you can say about most English students (and to be fair some of the Indian students), is that if you caught them bang to rights and they knew it they would eventually put their hands up to it. With others, they could be okay most of the time, but wern't very good at accepting the blame and would even deny knowledge when they knew they'd been caught (east Asian or Arab cultures and loss of face?).

    This even included one of the research staff, who we know "ignored" evidence that went contrary to his "findings". Considering he was looking at coatings on power station turbine blades, his "omission" could have potentially led to the catastrophic failure of a turbine blade in service. This data went to high impact journal publication. My immediate colleague / drinking buddy had the data that would have shown him to have "distorted" the findings, however, didn't want to know. My mate just wanted to leave for a new job with a minimum of fuss as he'd had enough of the place.

    I look back at that period and just shake my head in disbelief. I wasn't perfect, however, there's a difference being a little naughty wanting to get to the pub on a Friday and wholesale distortion of facts to the point of being dangerous in order to feed your own reputation.

    But @Tex, at least there was a cute Welsh bird to shag. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  18. How are you with speaking and writing in their languages?
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    Word is always suggesting all sorts of stupid grammatical corrections. I hate it.

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