People with degrees that are a bit thick really

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  1. I blame smartphones.

    Everything is autocorrected these days giving people no reason to practise their grammar etc.

    I've found it myself, used to be really good with punctuation / grammer a few years ago mind, now that i'm handing in assignment for uni I am pretty shocked at how my standards have fallen.
  2. You fucking liar!
  3. Charmless Man

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    What was your degree in and were they actively publishing in that field?
  4. Quiet ;)
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  5. Charmless Man

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    Way to expose your lies. Anyone who has worked in academia knows that a bank holiday quite often looks no different to a normal working day!
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  6. Poor man's Trojan Horse?
  7. AndrewP

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    Prince Charles.
  8. WHD

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    Which university are they studying at? One of the main things you are told when producing degree work is not to write in the first person.
  9. It's the common sense element that lacks with most. As well as that, education from my experience is largely based on theoretical nonsense which has little to no relevance in everyday life/jobs.
  10. Frijj

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    I read she’d won significant sums of money but it’s the internet so pinch of salt and that...
  11. Dave Herbal

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    Hartlepool college. Thing is, he Thor’d most of it and still managed to fuck up the bits he wrote himself.
  12. HebburnMackem

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    Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci and Thomas Edison were all dyslexics. The topics of study they chose have little or fuck all to do with English other than in your own mind.
  13. Kevj

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    Civil and structural engineering. Both did have peer reviewed papers. But on both occasions, the content is theoretical and would not work in the field.

    I raised a query with one (I studied part time whilst working) and the reply was both ridiculous in terms of practicality and not safe to carry out.
  14. ajthemackem

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    Can't teach common sense like.
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  15. Dave Herbal

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    He’s not dyslexic man. Just didn’t take notice in English and hasn’t bothered since.
    If I was a lecturer I’d be failing papers with English like that regardless of content.
    You’re supposed to leave college and get a job where you might be required to write reports. Do you think that’s acceptable?
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    Tut tut.
  17. Aituk7

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    Should've gone with managers.
    Mangers is a step too far :lol:

    I had a graduate at our place once ask which way a screwdriver goes.
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  18. HebburnMackem

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    A good reason why your not then. But that's a different argument about his job now being about writing reports, where I agree with you then.
  19. Genuinely have a staff member with a degree in network security who doesnt understand slash notation for subnets.
    If you arent in IT (or just a nerd) that might not mean much to you, if you are you will think I'm lying.
    I'm not.
    No point asking me how or why or anything, I've wondered myself and there is no explanation.
  20. ajthemackem

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