Over hyped films


I feel like I’ve seen Inherent Vice but don’t remember anything about it so maybe I haven’t. Phoenix and Paul Thomas Anderson pretty much the best actor and director around though imo.

it's a slightly complicated plot which obviously elevates above 90% of the American film audience but well worth a watch


It wasn’t hyped on release, but search this board for threads about greatest war films and it’s always mentioned, despite the fact it’s plop.
Rachel weisz probably has a lot to do with that. Entertaining enough overall but pretty shit really. Some bizarre views in this thread mind, some all time classics slated to fuck.

Had just joined the Army.

Aunty... Go and see Avatar it’s a war film just as you love...

Me; It’s about Aliens..,

Aunty; It isn’t...

Me; Yes it is..,

Aunty; No isn’t, how can you just leave your mam...

Mam, Come and see Avatar your aunty says its a war film and you’ll love it...

Me; Went to see Avatar, about fucking blue aliens, a long 3 hours.


Central Defender
1917, well made but boring.
Dunkirk, well made but didn't get the sheer scale of it for me, looked more like a couple of coachloads of the beaches.
I was disappointed with 1917, but was heavily outnumbered in my family so thought it was me being fussy.

I found it to be a missed opportunity to portray the horrors of the war realistically to hit people hard. Instead they made it so predictable and false that it was bland.