Over hyped films



I was reading an article the other day where the critic had it as Tom Hardy's finest work. Aye, reeto. I don't think he's a brilliant actor but Fury Road, The Drop etc...


Agreed so far on Joker, Taxi Driver, Saving Private Ryan, Aliens and especially Scarface.

I'll hoy in Heat. Apologies if already mentioned.

Steve H

Avatar, have tried twice to watch it, never got past the first half hour
All the Star Wars films, not awful, but barely average, and I like SF a lot
Apocalypse Now is the most overrated film of all time. Closely followed in recent years by The Revenant.
The Revenant, what a load of violent rubbish,dreadful.
Gravity.......absolute borefest and amazingly then won an Oscar
Gravity, thought it was really average, tried to watch it again last week, never got past the first 10 minutes
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I haven't seen 1917 yet but will watch it anyway (will probably 'lose' even more on a small screen).

I agree with you about Dunkirk - for me it was a bit 'Meh' - the BBC did a docudrama a good few years ago (a youngish Benedict Cumberbatch was in it) - I though it was a lot more watchable.

My first GP was at Dunkirk (army doctor) - took him years to recover from what he experienced (if he ever did) - he very rarely spoke about his experiences. I don't think the film went anywhere near capturing what must've been close to hell on earth.
I was absolutely fascinated by 1917 and could have watched it all day.

Not sure if it was cos we were sat in a largely empty cinema and I just got immersed. The other half didn't think much of it


Two cult films I can't get away with are Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Withnail and I. Think they're both shite. I rewatched Withnail yesterday to give it a seconds chance and it's still as rubbish now as it was when I first saw it.


Taxi Driver. I watched this for the first time a couple of months ago. Creepy fella takes lass to watch a porn film on first date. Weird.

Scarface. Also watched for the first time recently. Deranged midget radgepacket kills a lot of people. And swears a lot.
Ah come on mang..

Taxi Driver is barely a C-movie that much is true. If it wasn't waste already, Cybill Shepherd popping her head in can squeeze any picture dead.