Obesity discrimination

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  1. You could be 6' 7", 19 clem and ripped mate. I'm just the 19 clem bit :lol:.
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  2. Rotten Johnny

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    Is there ANYONE who isn't 'discriminated' against these days?:rolleyes:
  3. Ginger John

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    How well do you sleep?

    Lack of sleep messes up two hormones. I forget their names but one controls how hungry you are and one sends signals to your brain to tell you that you've eaten enough. When you don't sleep properly, they go haywire and your body thinks you are always hungry and never full no matter how much you eat.
  4. This is a good point, Ive been a little bored of the food ive been eating lately, and I don't like looking online for recipes(I do this but I like to read) I bought a joe wicks book on Monday with 100 meals in and have already had 2 of his meals, took no more than 20 mins to cook, all fresh and me and the wife(no) have had 2 healthy meals with no hassle, and it took less time for me to cook the meals than it does for a pizza to be delivered
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  5. What A Waster

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    Yes this is sound advice. Small changes can have big effects.
    One pound in weight equivalent to 3500 calories. If you can burn 500 a day and cut out two slices of bread a day you'd drop 1.5 pounds a week.
    Or if you drink full fat coke, one 500ml bottle a day, just switching to the zero option would drop you half a pound a week
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    I do the same, Don’t buy any crisps, biscuits or cakes. My alternative with my cuppa is a rice cake with peanut butter on. I have never eat so much fruit in my life as i am now,, i am Weak willed if in the house so its just better not to have them there in the first place.
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  7. Well I never knew this, over the last few years my sleep has been up and down because of my 2 kids, and the last few months has been the worst of it, it just seems to be getting back to normal now, I wonder if that helps
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  8. Do you still drink beer marra? Im off next week
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    On nights next week mate.
  10. Ne bother. I'm away on holiday the week after but dont fly until Tuesday 23rd
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    Alreet alan wicker?
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  12. Aituk7

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    Joe wicks is brilliant. If anyone wants to lose weight easily I highly recommend his online programme. It's expensive... about 130 quid IIRC. But so worth it. You basically pay to have someone on the other end personally talking to you... it helped a lass I knew to have a fitness guru on hand to push her through everything. The idea being if you do it for 3 month a you will be conditioned to carry it on yourself
  13. This.

    I 've noticed it too. If i can see that the stuff they are buying is calorie packed rubbish, why can't they.
    But there are a lot of stupid unaware people out there, so that will be them.
    But the situation is only going to get worse unless Government, health and Education are more active on the situation.
    As far as descrimination is concerned, i don't think they are overly victimised. In fact i think they get away with quite a lot.
    A couple of years back i changed my season card seat at the SOL. Unfortunately, i ended up with a massively overweight bloke next to me. In that whole season i think i sat in his overhang about 3 times. I just found any empty seat nearby and sat there.
  14. This raises a point that not everyone can do it on there own, Education is needed from a very early age, everyone in school should leave with some knowledge of how to cook for themselves, but it seems people would rather bang something in the micro wave or order a take away as they don't have time to cook, is it really they don't have time or could this be down to the fact the are not confident in the kitchen? loads of people I know cannot cook a proper meal from scratch and I find this astonishing
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  15. Aituk7

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    True. And the food doesn't have to be boring. I made a curry one night for me and our lass with coliflower rice instead of normal rice. Basically you buy a coliflower grinder for 8 quid and that does the work for you. Honestly we both said the coli rice tasted better than actual rice... it was lush, full of minerals and approx. 400 calories less than normal rice.
  16. Harry Angstrom

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    People know what is good for them and bad for them. The knowledge is at their fingertips on the phone they are on all day.
  17. Aituk7

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    I agree that would be a massive step in the right direction. But I also think it's fair to say in today's society everyone can do it on their own. Everyone knows that a salad is healthier than a McDonald's. Everyone knows that the internet and cook books are available.

    But in essence I agree we as a society could do an awful lot more to help each other.
  18. Yes harry it is, but people would rather watch tv our play computer games and laze around, if your taught in school it sticks with you, just like if your mam and dad cook proper meals I would think your more likely to when you grow up, if your fed on pizza and chicken nuggets everynight I would guess and its only a guess that's what you will be serving up when your a adult at tea time for yourself and your kids, educate the kids early, I grew up cooking with me mam and learning the basic skills and I do have the occasional pizza and chicken nuggets night, but I prefer to cook myself and my kids a proper meal everynight
  19. What A Waster

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    I'm not helping anybody. I'm not a charity.
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  20. Aituk7

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    I just think our schools system should teach cooking, it doesn't require a chef. Just a teacher who can read a set of instructions. It should be in the vocation that it becomes normal for children to cook healthy tasty meals.

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