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  1. Yes had them done about 8 years ago and can honestly say it's been fantastic. I was 35 when I was lazered. I was a contact lens wearer from 18 year old and the freedom and comfort is literally life changing. I was nervous as hell but would recommend it to anyone 100%.
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    thread just below
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    I had 2 cataract ops at the Eye Infirmary about 3 years ago ( I'm only 54). Quick procedure with no side effects and remember the patch that had been over my eye during the op coming off and thinking I can see the clock on the wall. Truly life changing.

    Previously my sight was so bad that I couldn't see a glass of water or clock on a bedside table, and had worn contact lenses since being 15.

    I have reading glasses but never use them and drive without the need for specs.

    The only downside is I'm starting to question whether Sunderland are by far the greatest team the world has ever seen;)
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  4. [​IMG]
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    Very informative. A good deal of information imparted. There are drawbacks, but they are mysterious drawbacks.
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    Just remember the costs vary, I had mine done years ago pretty cheaply but my eyes were only slightly fucked...a bit of magnification for reading. If your like mr Magoo and need a few things doing the costs can go north quite startlingly. Costs nought to go and get a consultation and an idea of price so always worth finding out
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    I think you may have overestimated the situation.
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    My mate watched a blind fella do just that over Roker a couple of years ago.
    He put the bag on his hand and got down on his hands and knees, it took him about 10 minutes to find it. He then tied the bag and hoyed it into the park.

    The like was for the effort, not the pitiful execution.
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    Had mine done about 20 years ago. Brilliant results.

    I'm now blind in one eye for unrelated reasons.
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    Had it done last week.

    Can see like a fucking hawk now.
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    I've said before that he's also a ginger, which he refutes. What he doesn't get, is I mean he's an internet ginger. No matter the actual colour of his hair.
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    best thing I ever did. Proper life changer for a -7.50 like me
  13. I'm hoping for a plastic shite for Xmas - hilarious cultural fun .
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    One lad had it done to join the police, ended up with poor night vision. I am nit an ete expert just passing on information
  15. Had mine done about 10 years ago. Cost a fortune, but well worth it.
    Only downside, I have a few black dots in my vision these days. Not really a problem, but just saying.
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  16. What, you want a 1992 Mag fan? Odd. :lol:
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  17. Very good :D
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  18. Hooks in eyelids with a laser going in your eye? Nah ya alright.
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    Black dots?
  20. Yes, tiny black dots.

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