Halifax Grooming Gang

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Aituk7, Feb 7, 2019.

  1. Or you could just answer my question
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  2. So it’s not statistically significant, but it is scientific fact?

    Is this thread an episode of Brass Eye?
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    That is part of the answer to your question. You askked the same question you asked yesterday... why does it keep coming back to this one.

    That's part of the answer... why is it such a problem for people when Islam gets brought up?
  4. If I answer yours will you answer mine?

    Here’s my answer: it’s not a problem. I get irritated at hypocrisy. And people having a selective view

    So my question again. If the numbers are not statistically significant (as you have said), why do we focus on one problem? Why does SLY focus on one issue?

    Let no one get it wrong. It’s absolutely evil whoever does it. I’m not defending anyone.
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    Actually it’s deliberately being distorted because Tommy Robinson is a grifter.

    CEOP did a study into this and he got a mate at Quillian to compile a report that distorted the actual figures.

    In the report the percentage of these crimes committed against children by Asian men is 1.5%. Asian men are not all Muslims. For example, Chinese men are Asian. Indian men are Asian.

    When Tommy Robinson referred to 90% of paedophile grooming gangs in the uk being Muslim men he omitted the fact that of all offences of paedophilia in the UK that are brought to prosecution, 3% is committed in groups. Not all groups are grooming gangs. They can, tragically take the form of family or social groups. There are no statistics for the % of groups that constitute grooming gangs. It’s somewhere less that 3% however.

    So whatever percentage it is, like those seen in Rotherham. He is correct(ish) that 90% (Actually 87%) of an undetermined percentage of 3% is verified sexual exploitation of children by Muslims in grooming gangs.

    There’s a whole other world of conjecture around it being solely white girls and the barriers for BME kids being able to report this type of crime too.
  6. There is probably no difference statistically between Muslim and other offending rates. What is disturbing is the fact that there seems to be a cultural, if not religious acceptance amongst some family/friendship groups of men of Pakistani origin. I'm sure the majority of paedophiles realise they doing wrong, but the fact that these groups involve fathers, sons and cousins etc is worrying.
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    You watched that stupid video posted on the other thread didn't you :lol:

    Me too.

    I would stress to stretch this out then, if you aren't infact the mullah brother who dends everything caliph as I often call you, plenty of people on here are. The defence of Islam in the face of obvious facts is to me rather insane. I treat it the same as any other ideology that says the things it does. I'm not bring a hypocrite, it's others who say shit like "Islam treats women alright actually".... when it obviously does not.

    And to add to that further, as I've already said to you. The reason we spend so long talking about this issue is because say 52% of liverpudlians were saying they think gays should go to prison. We would all be in unison saying woah that's unnaceptable and it would go away within a few pages.

    Say we said there's a white nationalist gang specifically targeting non-white girls to rape. Majority of us would be in unison saying this is abhorrent, something needs to be done immediately and white gangs as awhole should be targeted by police to ensure this kind of culture does not spread to other white gangs.

    But whenever Islam gets mentioned..... look at the pages and pages and pages of chat about racism and far right and your a bigot and your deniying facts and it blows up because it's Islam.

    The reason I bring this up is cos A) grooming gangs are horrific and we should be reminded how frequently they are occuring as this is a phenonoma in our nation right now and b) i find it fascinating the contortions people go into to call me a racist and defend Islam.
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  8. I’m not asking about what people call you. I’m not asking about people defending Islam or whataboutery. Or anything.

    I’m asking why if the statistics are the same, why are there such concerns about one part of it? Why aren’t we focusing on it all? Why isn’t Yaxley Lennon?

    It’s not a hard question.
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    That isn't true, most if not all peadophiles do not believe they are doing anything wrong, they will justify their actions anyway they can, then they meet online to share content and tips on how to actually rape children, techniques on what to say to kids to make them believe it was their idea to have sex etc.

    I suspect you don't have any idea what actually goes on in white peadophile rings and the things they do and say to each other.

    You only know about grooming gangs because the media has brain washed you with a hate campaign from the white elite of this country who are interested in selling lies for profit.
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    Oh I thought you were reffering to this board and us discussing it. Oh, I read SLY as a member or summit (wrong way round). You meant stephen yaxley lennon.

    Right well as for him, I assume it's because Islam is his thing. His cousin? or niece... was a victim of a muslim grooming gang. He was talking this before it became mainstream and he was pissed off when he was in luton and people would complain to the police about this they'd get ignored.... i imagine he feels some empathy for the victims and their parents in other towns aswell.

    If you watch his oxford speech you can clearly see his view of the country and Islam is just a magnified version of what was going on in luton. Unfortunately he is proven right to often for my liking.

    As for the rest of the nation I imagine it's the sheer scale of it, when a paedo gets a victim it's often 1 person or a few more max. They are alone, no one knows about it. This has been going on for decades and the whole political correctness thing feeds into it.

    For me personally it's a little bit of my previous answer coupled with how dangerous this mindset is. I'm of the belief that most paedophiles know they are doing wrong, yet they do it anyway cos they're sick and disgusting.... but they know it's wrong because they keep it a secret. My brother couldn't tell me he's gonna shag a kid, do i want in on the action....

    These stories of the grooming gangs are a pattern, it's not in the shadows and secretive. The last one was 55 blokes ffs.... related or friends and they were all in on it. So the families will have known about it... yet nothing was done.

    That mindset is deeply worrying.....

    I think they do know what they are doing is wrong but they somehow justify it. I mean they don't talk about it in the open cos they know what will happen
  11. Thanks for answering.

    I hope you realise that the people who you often argue with, myself included, don’t defend any of the gangs and are equally horrified. But are simply pointing out the scale it exists on with other parts of the community
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    You can speak for yourself and although it sometimes gets a bit ott I try my best to stay as rationale as possible and debate the merits of the argument and nothing else and in all honesty I quite like debating with you most of the time.... when you don't get super pissed off.... but some people on this board do have a weird need to constantly defend or contort in favour of Islam.

    Like I said before, when people post things like "Islam is actually quite alright to women"... it's ridiculous.

    if we aren't going to be hypocritical we should treat all ideologies the same.
  13. Ditto. I got pissed off the other night as thought you didn’t do that. Your flippant first post of “g:cool:d” to the kid buried wasn’t consistent with that in my view

    Apologies for overreacting
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    Well it's cos everyone pretty much were in agreement. i didn't see anything that stood out to me that was challengable and its become a thing to just post religion of peace on Islam stuff so why not G:cool:D on the other thread.

    If you actually read on i ended up having a back and forth with someone over whether you could actually attribute it as a christian thing (did the texts encourage it) and although I haven't read the bible in a long time (not the quran actually but it gets brought up on here so often I have to scour for bits online that jog my memory) I couldn't remember anything saying something similar to that.

    I was proven wrong and so I said I was and the world moved on.

    If people were calling me racist for my standpoint I imagine the thread would've went on longer.
  15. Please don't patronise me regarding what I do or do not understand. You're right in that I'm not familiar with the intimate goings on within any kind of grooming gang, but I am familiar with Pakistani Muslims having lived with a family in London for a year.

    I'm quite sure the men and women I got to know wouldn't even think about this kind of behaviour and I would have trusted them with my teenage daughter as they trusted me with theirs since 16 and 13 year old girls had a bedroom next to mine and would walk past me wearing only a towel.

    My thoughts on the matter are based on the assumption that the more usual paedophile groups wouldn't consist of close family or community members. I'm not blaming Islam, I'm blaming strange cultural notions amongst some communities.
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    You can think whatever you want (your opinions imho are worth the square root of feck all), but I stand by my viewpoint that anyone ignoring or making excuses for a crime is effectively encouraging the perpetrator to commit more and therefore becomes complicit and is then equally as guilty in any future crimes committed of a similar nature.

    What I do find beyond absurd is when the majority of someone's posts something are an attempt to get bites or likes.

    To me, attention seeking to that degree indicates someone in urgent need of professional help!
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    Imagine if they'd just dealt with all this at the time of it happening, we'd have a lot less racism now... Well done all those covering up crimes to diversity.
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  19. Lewberry pie

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    I'm not trying to patronise you or anyone else, I'm trying to point out that you don't know much about white peadophile, so your comparison with them and Asian gangs is made up.

    When I say they don't beleive they're doing wrong they genuinely believe society is being cruel to them, so they find other people who think like they do and they support each other to carry out rapes etc.

    They view themselves as an oppressed minority like gay men were in the 80s

    What difference does it make if they're related or not.
  20. It makes a big difference. It indicates a cultural relationship to the act. This is an important point that needs to be addressed.

    I may not be an expert on 'white', or more appropriately non cultural paedophilia, but that's irrelevant. The more pertinent point is that the former group have had to seek like minded people out, I imagine on the net, to have that relationship. It would be like having loads of people on a otherwise ordinary housing estate being sexual predators.

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