Halifax Grooming Gang

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Aituk7, Feb 7, 2019.

  1. Well then, you’re wrong.

    On about professional help again eh? Want another stab at the depression thread or did you make too big a tit of yourself last time?
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  2. Laeotaekhun

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    If you haven't worked it out by now, I don't give a fig about your views on anything.

    Therefore, why not just mince off and place me on ignore?
  3. You’re the one that decided to jump in. You were probably pissed and don’t remember it like
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  4. Barnacle Boy

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    What other board mate?
  5. Laeotaekhun

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    I can only think you're referring to when you accused me of naming you, when I'd done no such thing!!!

    However, please read post 522, then try to understand it and act on it.

    Why then not just toddle off to the Admiral D and 'enjoy' your day.
  6. Was this not me you were talking about? Pretty cowardly, if I may, that you wouldn’t even name me.
  7. Laeotaekhun

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    Learn to read and comprehend!!
  8. So it wasn’t me you were talking about?

    (I’m gonna leave this as it’s utterly pointless)
  9. Mrjardine

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    Wow :eek:
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  10. Aituk7

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  11. Lewberry pie

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    You're talking about how they operate which is important but doesn't mean the victims are affected less because of it.
  12. ThePistols

    ThePistols Midfield

    What do those figures prove? Christians aren't just abused by Christians.

    The point you seem to deliberately miss is that rape appears to be far more acceptable within Muslim or Pakistani culture than white. White rapists tend to be loners, not doing it with their brothers etc.
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  13. aukq

    aukq Midfield

    well that should address an entire culture then.
  14. Lewberry pie

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    That isn't true, sex offenders will often meet online to discuss their actions and share information, which I have already said once in this thread.

    And I am not deliberately missing anything, don't confuse my pointing out bollocks and lies in here with a sympathetic view of Asian grooming gangs.
  15. Harry Angstrom

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    In the vast vast majority of cases they are. It's the reason Pakistan is an independent State.
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  16. Aituk7

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    They talk with like minded people online... maybe. They can't have their friends and family know about it though.

    There is a difference
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  17. zwartekat

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    Sorry, didn't know you were asking a different question.
  18. Lewberry pie

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    Right, but they're doing the same things with the same outcome so why does that warrant all the extra attention towards Asian Muslims.

    What is the end game......
  19. Lukas73

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    Anyone banned yet?
  20. Aituk7

    Aituk7 Winger

    For me, it would be government dealing with Islam properly. But it doesn't, probably won't until it's too late and the result will be far right parties gaining ground which will ultimately result in more racism, more extremism and more problems.

    I imagine that is the endgame we are heading too right now.

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