Halifax Grooming Gang

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Aituk7, Feb 7, 2019.

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    Did any of this occur in the UK?

    Nobody is denying that there are abusers of all faiths, creeds and nationalities. Just that we in Britain have a problem with a larger percentage of Muslims, from certain countries of origin (bigger than other creeds and religions) than average being involved in gangs that mainly abuse under age white females.

    Arrests of multiple offenders in at least 20 towns up and down the land indicate this. An estimated 1,400 kids abused in just one medium sized town, Rotherham show the scale abuse.

    But hey, let's gloss over it with random whataboutism.
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    Jesus Christ (no pun intended)

    I don't know if that fits a description of grooming gang but sex slave ring matbe? And yes it is catholic... obviously.

    It depends how you look at it. So white men are likely to be paedophiles at a rate approx in line with how much of the male population is white.

    Muslims are disproportionately over represented.

    But ultmately that means there are more white paedophiles in the population at large...

    However that isn't the issue. All paaedophilia is wrong, awful and we should do everything we can as a country to combat it.

    My issue is with how these instances have been handled, the circumstances of them and the way certain people react to them.
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    I'd like to say more but the most impartial and tolerant mod in on the scene.
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    Well I can't imagine you want to say anything that is against the rules of the forum?

    Just say what you want, I'm certainly not going to report you.

    This is just a discussion, it's not meant to be an argument.
  6. Catholic sex abuse? Yes

    But that’s for another thread, so keep your ignorant questions for there

    He’ll ban me again any minute
    If only that were the case, unfortunately it doesn’t matter with 1 particular mod
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    Course not,whilst I disagree with a lot of what you say I respect and appreciate how you argue.It is clearly a very emotive issue for us all.

    My issue is with mods appearing on contentious threads like this,seen several incidents in the past where impartiality is shall we say lacking.

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  8. Switching my fucking mortgage now #fuckinglivid :evil:
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    Bit late to the party mate, that jokes been cracked about 5 times :lol:
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    There is more Muslims who are convicted of peadophilia? Pro rata?
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    I believe so yeah, it's very hard to find concrete statistics on this stuff. But iirc from the last time this happened and there was a thread some stats got thrown up that confirmed this, it wasn't much more, but as a percentage it was higher.

    it's not surprising though, if you consider how highly they are represented in grooming gangs.
  12. Oh well, just logged onto the thread :lol:. Just pretend I need a little bit of extra help :oops::lol:.
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    I think you're talking shit
  14. Would be interesting to know actually. Particularly if statistically significant to address the who rather as opposed to the how (gangs vs individuals)
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    What makes you think that?

    I can't remember where the source was from now, I'm sure it was on the last grooming gang thread, It wasn't statistically significant really though, Overall it was only slightly higher than the population percentage, plus when you factor in margin of error and how much we don't collect this stuff it could well be below the population percentage.
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  16. Can I ask then, politely, why you focus on one group so much?
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    Just don't believe that there is any significant increase in the rate of peados with people being Muslims, certainly not enough warrant the constant threads and news articles.
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    Have a lookthrough this thread or any other thread on this subject. Why do you think we all end up talking about it so much. I'm not talking to myself am I?

    I imagine the constant articles and threads keep cropping up because of the scale of the problem.

    it would go away if they didn't exist.

    Tens of thousands of these girls were victims and people knew it was going on yet did nothing.
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  19. I’m really confused to be honest. If it’s statistically likely to be any religion, why are we focusing on one?

    I’m not being a dick, for a change, I’m genuinely interested to know why it’s different
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    Well why do you think when we discuss anything to do with any ideology it usually isn't a problem until Islam gets brought up?

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