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Discussion in 'Games and games consoles' started by wilka88, Sep 26, 2018.

  1. Crook Mackem

    Crook Mackem Striker

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  2. Westoe SAFC

    Westoe SAFC Winger

  3. Steeeeeeed

    Steeeeeeed Midfield

    Still got some work to do building up mine

    Probably best players so far have been Richarlison and Arnautovic. Decent players especially in the air.

    Just lost few games in a row when I’ve over 20 shots and they’ve had less than 5. Last second of the game and their keeper tries to fake dummy past me, tackled him but then ref called full time before could put in empty net from 2 yards :evil:
  4. Brian_Mooney

    Brian_Mooney Midfield

  5. wilka88

    wilka88 Midfield

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  6. Maxie

    Maxie Striker

    Funny as fuck some of the trading Twitter / YouTube people tweeting in last few days about the profit they've made. 3 million coins here, 5 or 6 million coins there.

    Aye lads, canny. But, fifas a game. Do you actually , you know, play it!??:lol::eek::lol:

    Aye, and difference like that and the tactical changes have been for the better. Gameplay wise I'm enjoying this one more.
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  7. Walter White

    Walter White Midfield

  8. Westoe SAFC

    Westoe SAFC Winger

    Thats bull, as since I built since team I’ve won a lot more than I’ve lost.
    Pace works great on counters.
    Possession based games just got me beat.
  9. Gene Hunt

    Gene Hunt Full Back

    I am doing the same this year. Now have over 1000 players in club, and when the Chinese SBC drops I should be able to complete it straight away as I have been buying them whilst cheap. Hoping it will be soon and hoping for a Hulk at the end of it along with 16 packs. Started to do it with the Argentinian League but it dropped before I had started on the silvers.

    Should also make some coins if the Hazard POTM comes later as expected. Stocked up on Belgians and Chelsea players in preparation. Saving up for Icons, I want Gullit back!
  10. wilka88

    wilka88 Midfield

    I keep thinking I have an alright team then I see some like these and think wow
    How the hell do you have 1000 players already
  11. IknowWhatILike

    IknowWhatILike Midfield

    Looks like some clever bugger has found the POTM Hazard card in the code for the web app. Fingers crossed I get to make some money off the IF Cechs and Ligue 1 IFs I've stocked up on.
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  12. Gene Hunt

    Gene Hunt Full Back

    Just by flipping basic gold cards and a few investments for SBCs. As long as you mass bid on the minimum price for a card you are not taking a risk. Send everything to your club and sell duplicates for a small profit. This way you will stockpile players and find SBCs easy to do when they come around and also make profit in selling cards people need.

    Prime example is a recent Marquee Matchups which required Greek players. I managed to sell about 6 players I had in the club for about 6k each, one was a seemingly worthless bronze.

    Aye good luck! They seem to have thrown quite a few curveballs so far, like not requiring a Lucas for the last POTM when his price had rocketed!! If you don't take a risk you can't ever wish to afford the top players though.
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  13. prehab26

    prehab26 Striker

    Sold it in the hype yday.

    Snipped mertens and perisic for a combined 110k. Using my untradables ntil the prices fall after weekend league. Market was so high yday, so sold everything.

    Only use 3 subs so whats the point in having a team full of gold players?
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  14. Maxie

    Maxie Striker

    Hazard potm sbcs out

    Its a no from me
  15. Gene Hunt

    Gene Hunt Full Back

    Me too although I may sell a few at inflated prices. Too much too soon for me though for an untradable.

    Looks like you struck lucky!! 10 IFs needed!
  16. Maxie

    Maxie Striker

    Aye, i've stuck me IFs, Belgians, Chelsea, Bournemouth players etc on for sale for a canny wedge just to see what i get. I've stuck me Belgian League IF on for a daft price, just to see if some silly fucker will bid :lol:
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  17. mackem1979

    mackem1979 Winger

    Got nowt in reward packs other than Bailly.

    Bought 5 of those gold player packs and best I got was Mata :(

    I’ve made up to 260k trading but got average side. I’m reluctant to buy decent players as the prices will drop dramatically within a short time.

    Any ideas how I can make some more money ? I’m just trading small profits for 400g each player slowly but surely at the minute.
  18. IknowWhatILike

    IknowWhatILike Midfield

    Aye - Was expecting PL informs, but not the other requirements! Decent money to be made on all the IF cards I've got stocked, not just Cech.

    Good news for me, because the IF trading method has been slow so far this year.
  19. Gene Hunt

    Gene Hunt Full Back

    Sold Januzaj for 10k :lol:
    He is practically extinct and I have another one. Guessing he must be the only decent rating for that position.
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  20. Maxie

    Maxie Striker

    Had no bites in the 1st hour. I'm just gonna keep relisting tonight . I don't actually use any of the ones I have on sale.

    As someone in Twitter said, the kids will still be at school at the other daft young uns at uni or work still:lol:

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