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Discussion in 'Games and games consoles' started by wilka88, Sep 26, 2018.

  1. wilka88

    wilka88 Midfield

    Whos in ?

    Team so far:

    Kurzawa Koscielny Rami Souquet

    Doucoure Schneiderlin


    Defoe Sturridge
  2. Westoe SAFC

    Westoe SAFC Winger

    Have you sorted your broadband out yet?
    I’ll smash that team on day 1 if you have.
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  3. Dexter

    Dexter Striker

    Can’t wait to get that birthday FUTMAS TOTY TOTS IF LEGEND Maja card :cool:
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  4. wilka88

    wilka88 Midfield

    Nowt wrong with my broadband sky fibre
    You got a team yet, I need to download it and open up all my free packs when I get back home.
  5. Westoe SAFC

    Westoe SAFC Winger

    Not yet. I’ve only got the Standard Version so won’t have it until Friday and can’t be arsed with the App.
  6. wilka88

    wilka88 Midfield

    The Apps good but its addictive, I got the ultimate edition £90 its worth it for the 40 packs.
  7. gyanclan

    gyanclan Full Back

    Ive enjoyed what ive played so far like. Cheap Prem team to start...

    Rui Patricio
    Trent-AA Stones Smalling Davies
    Doucoure Ramsey
    Bernardo Silva Richarlison
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  8. wilka88

    wilka88 Midfield

    and I thought I had a decent team :rolleyes::lol:
  9. nelford_safc

    nelford_safc Striker

    Ill never play ultimate team again unless they let you carry a player or two over to the next version or at the very least your coins.
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  10. wilka88

    wilka88 Midfield

    Aye this is a piss take but we all still play it it’s addictive
  11. :oops:
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  12. This is the best part of ultimate team, when not everyone has a great team.

    How long till everyone has 100k informs etc
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  13. wilka88

    wilka88 Midfield

    Im never that lucky best player i got last year was inform morata and I spent a fortune
  14. Perryqhill

    Perryqhill Striker

    I spent a tenner as I never spend much anyway and last year I got informs and all sorts in team of the season, usually I get virtually nothing. Mostly from playing squad battles, getting shit loads of packs every week from it and coins and doing loads of the squad building stuff. I had team of the season Otamendi, Mahrez, an 88 inform Zaha and some other shit.

    Still debating whether to get it this year though as currently playing PES19.
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  15. wilka88

    wilka88 Midfield

    Quality that like, never played pes for about 10 year dont like the fact it has no rights to team names or out
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  16. Bishop Mackem

    Bishop Mackem Striker

    Someone I know has spent over 200 bar on PlayStation credit (or whatever it's called) to buy fifa points already.

    He recorded a video of his screen and I noticed his record was 14-5-15

    Why spend fortunes on the game especially if you are quite clearly shit at it ??
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  17. Perryqhill

    Perryqhill Striker

    Yeah that put me off pes for a while, especially as I'm on Xbox with no option files. it has all the players in and some leagues but I've had to edit team names in the PL, championship and is liga and spent a bit of time editing all kits in the PL and some championship to make them bearable.
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  18. wilka88

    wilka88 Midfield

    :lol: This sounds like me

    Couldnt be arsed with the hassle
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  19. Because people are morons. Just another 500 fifa points because one of these packs might be the pack that has Ronaldo. Rinse and repeat :rolleyes:.
  20. Perryqhill

    Perryqhill Striker

    I wasn't going to but I bought it the other week after one of my mates was going on and on about it when I was off work. Kinda got into it a bit and started editing team names, then went to town on the PL kits and got them looking decent. Obviously in that respect it's miles behind FIFA like, ridiculous they can still sell a game without what is an essential part of the whole experience missing IMO.

    It's holding my attention at the moment as its not all about pace and because in the PES version of FUT (My Team) I managed to get Ronaldo and Suarez straight away. No doubt I'll cave in as Sunderland aren't in it and I'll want to try them on career mode.
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