Ethiopian Airlines crash

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Monty Pigeon, Mar 10, 2019.

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    One of the few areas left that's not entwined in EU politics.
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    Is that cos if it was Brussels would be forced to deal with the French and their unions, by any chance?
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    I was reading the later posts in this thread and was wondering if the Americans are losing their influence around the world. Can't help thinking in previous years they would have twisted a few arms to keep the aircraft flying.
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    Got 3 flights in a week to get home, one is a 737-800 :neutral:

    Edit- just looking through the thread, this is the old style aye?
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    737-MAX 8 is the dodgier one.
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    Not saying this is in any way related to the reason but just seen the pilot was 28.

    That is exceptionally young to be piloting a commercial airliner and it's pure logic that in the case of an emergency would have been less experienced then most pilots.

    Not saying it's related to the cause but surprised someone so young had ultimate responsibility.
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    No problem with the -800. It's the new 737-MAX family that have the engines in a different place in relation to the wing, thus heightening the risk of a stall, which Boeing addressed with software to override the pilots in certain situations.

    737s in general are still exceptionally reliable planes. But there's a design flaw in these new ones, and Boeing decided to work around it rather than go back to the drawing board.

    Ethiopia is a very challenging flying environment (mountains, thermals, dust storms, unpaved runways), and the airline's pilot's usual accumulate plenty of hours flying domestically before they graduate to the - mostly - easier international routes. I knew an American who was head of training for Ethiopian, and he reckoned that they had some of the best pilots in the world.
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    I've seen it mentioned that he had 8,000 flying hours under his belt.
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    That's not much though is it?

    Maybe I'm assuming here but if something goes wrong is someone that age and with that amount of experience going to react with the same calm and diligence as someone with considerably more flying hours and more maturity.

    I don't know. But whilst issues can always happen they often say that it's how the flight crew react that can make the difference.
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    If the plane went vertical into the ground that's horrific. Pilots are trained to jut "fly the plane" if things start going wrong until they can land as safely as possible. Maybe they weren't even able to do that on this occasion. Such as the plane fighting them and being unresponsive. As usual, the black boxes will tell the chilling story. Do we know the reason for the previous 737 MAX crash now?
  11. Depends if long or short haul. A regional pilot would, at a guess, do max 800/year. So yes, it's quite experienced.
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    Read that the Lion Air crash was caused by a "faulty" angle of attack sensor which was "anticipating" a stall and thus put the plane into a dive to increase the speed and prevent a stall
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    FAA to ground
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    Once Canada did, US had no choice.
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    Emergency order from the boss by the looks of it

    US to ground all Boeing crash aircraft

    Has he actually done summat right for a change? mind over the last few days its looked more and more like the FAA were being leaned on to say there was nowt wrong with the planes
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    They should have been grounded after the Lion-Air incident.

    $$$$ before lives, I hope Boeing get taken the cleaners by the families.
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  18. For those of you interested in such things, google “rudder hardover “. Don’t worry, Lady Sonya is not involved.
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    Waasnt that what brought an A300 down over Queens New York?
  20. No mate that was a “rudder/fin snap-off”. Very different.
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