Ethiopian Airlines crash

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    They've been working on this patch since the Lion Air crash. However, the certification process by the FAA was delayed by Trump's governmental shutdown.
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    It's no excuse. They shouldn't have been allowed to keep on flying with a known fault.
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    After Boeing donated a million dollars to Trump's Inauguration Committee? As if.
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    $$$ > lives.

    As usual.
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    "Top F.A.A. officials, who are briefed on significant safety issues, were not aware of the [new 737 Max 8] software system, according to three people with knowledge of the process."
    F.A.A. Approval of Boeing Jet Involved in Two Crashes Comes Under Scrutiny

    And remember that Mitch McConnell's wife is head of the Department of Transportation and so in charge of the FAA, who delegated safety measures to Boeing itself.
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    That's disgusting that like.
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    A Defense Department inspector general investigation has been launched to determine whether @ActingSecDef Shanahan violated ethics rules by promoting products made by my his former employer, Boeing, while serving in his current Pentagon role.
    Ryan Browne on Twitter
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    Anti-stall function error going off within 6 minutes? WTF! Engines will be at 100% making the climb to cruising altitude so the software perceives a stall even then?

    Terrible, really really bad.
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    Fight club hussle is based on fact.

    Ford accountants realised it was cheaper to compensate victims of their deadly product than halt production.

    Funny old world

    It's a fundamental flight dynamics issue they tried to patch with a flight system.

    Good luck with that one Boeing!
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    It's the angle of attack sensor that's caused the problem, the system thinks the aircraft is pitched too high and compensates for it, one sensor with no redundancy.
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    They have redundancy, they just don't use info from both of them during the same flight.
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  15. The FAA is pretty much run by Boeing, all they'll get is a slap on the wrist and a fine. If that was Airbus, Il Duce would ground every airbus in the US. Also worth pointing out he wanted to make his personal pilot head of the FAA
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    Late to this. I'm staggered Boeing shipped a death trap plane :neutral:
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    Stunning article in the NYT. Under the glossy surface, the new 737-MAX is a 50-year-old plane. Rather than redesign, Boeing have spent five decades tweaking and modifying. Pilots still have to divert the cabin air-conditioning to start the engines. This is shaping up to be a company-killing scandal.

    Boeing’s 737 Max: 1960s Design, 1990s Computing Power and Paper Manuals
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  18. That's a particularly grim read.

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