Ethiopian Airlines crash

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Monty Pigeon, Mar 10, 2019.

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    Second new 737-Max to crash in five months, both in seemingly similar circumstances after take-off. Some serious questions raised by this recent article:

    Behind the Lion Air Crash, a Trail of Decisions Kept Pilots in the Dark

    It seems Boeing rushed this aircraft out to compete with the new generation Airbus 320. One of Boeing's selling points to the airlines was that no pilot retraining would be required, even though there were some fundamental changes to the flight control system, and there was a risk that pilots could stall the plane in certain conditions.
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    Theres a documentary kicking round, possibly youtube, that reckons some of the corner cutting Boeing has undertaken ever since the launch of the Dreamliner is horrendous and lots of people envisioning safety problems

    It`s this one. Mind it`s Al Jazeera, I dunno how much faith you have in their reporting
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    What a terrible tragedy RIP
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    The amount of companies that are cutting corners and releasing an unfinished product is frightening.
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    British Leyland were doing it in the 70's, the product testers were the people who bought mk1's.
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    Not defending it but in 2019 we shouldn’t be seeing these problems.

    There’s companies/agencies set up to stop this sort of stuff. Yet huge companies seem to get away with it time and time again.
    When it comes to public safety the fines should be set at unlimited dollars
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    We are moving in the direction of acceptable losses with big companies. If they can pay you off for less than the cost of making things better, then the accountants rule.
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  8. Flew with EA once - not a great experience.
  9. RIP.

    Just heard from a French colleague who just landed at Nantes this morning after his flight from Paris on the final leg back from the US was pulled up as they were due to land due to the high winds last night. Frustrating when you’re knackered but for the best and he’s now safely home with his wife & kids.
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    What's a few lives when millions of pounds are too be made eh!? Scandalous.
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    I've flown with them plenty of times, including Addis-Nairobi. The airline has been fine in my experience, but the airport is one of the grottiest in the world.

    Someone I know was due to fly from London to Nairobi via Addis this week. Hoping she wasn't on this flight.
  13. Not just Boeing but cars and other modes of transport. It's scary!

    Thoughts and prayers are with the victims. RIP
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    At least wi a car you can park up. What do you do in an aircraft? park up at the nearest cloud and ring the AA?
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    UPDATE: Looks like the plane hit the ground near-vertically at high speed.

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  17. Turned back halfway to Jeddah from Addis due to mechanical problems. Kept me hanging around in that grotty airport for hours with zero communication/refreshments then put me up in a shit hole of a hotel with jam and bread for breakfast. Of course missed my connecting flight and had to pay again as it was with a different airline and they only compensate for THEIR flights.
  18. Reading about that Lion Air crash it seems the pilots could have been fighting against the MCAS which is forcing the nose down, trying 26 times to pull the nose up.

    In Indonesia Lion Air Crash, Black Box Data Reveal Pilots’ Struggle to Regain Control

    Poor bastards.
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    Bloody terrible
  20. Getting slaughtered with demands to ground the 737-MAX fleet there.
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