England in Sri Lanka Red Ball

Discussion in 'Cricket' started by Paddy O'Dors, Oct 24, 2018.

  1. Comeback_Kenwyne

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    To be fair - I just saw Seaham!
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  2. :lol::lol:

    They need to get the angles right. Haway lads who are there, get it sorted.
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  3. The Rat

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    How? How many times have you seen him play

    Bairstow was faultless

    By your standards Foakes did drop one this game

    There’s not much difference and to stay in the team he will have to score runs

    By the way he stood up to Bairstow in the summer and was class

    He’s an excellent glove man
  4. Comeback_Kenwyne

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    I live in London and my father-in-law is a member at Surrey, so you can stick that one in your pipe. How many times have you seen him play?

    Also, I tend to trust to received wisdom of pretty much all the experts who watch a damn sight more cricket than both of us.

    I'd say we shall see, but I actually don't think we'll see Bairstow behind the stumps again for a very long time.

    I don't want this to turn into a pointless debate. Bairstow is a better batsman than Foakes, almost certainly. All his averages suggest that - at county level, he is much better. Foakes has scored a beautiful century, but people will work him out - that's what happens eventually. Bairstow is proven.

    But, I think, in the interests of the team Bairstow should take a leaf out of the likes of Buttler and Ali's book and be a little less precious. If the team needs him up top of the order - which they probably do unless you want to stick Buttler or Foakes up there, which are the only realistic alternative - then that's what he should do.

    People are saying Stokes, but for me him and Ali are just too pivotal with the ball. They need more rest than coming in at three.
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  5. The Rat

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    Just think he was doing very simple things and people were lavashing praise on him

    Bairstow is a world class gloveman, not sure how people can dispute that

    Foakes is in my team but he has to score runs as his glove work doesn’t earn him a place
  6. Comeback_Kenwyne

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    I'm not disputing either of those claims. I'm saying 1) I think Foakes is a better gloveman. But more importantly 2) runs are more important, yes.

    Ultimately 2) is the reason Bairstow has to sit out the next test, not 1). There's nobody you can drop, really.
  7. Angmering

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    You having a good time out there lad,, it’s blowing a pissy Julio back here atm..... culture shock when ya get back here I can tell ya, fermented fish eating material I can tell you!!!! Miserable has shit from the Downs to the Cheviots . Anyway hope your banana leaf cutelry is clean and don’t give you the shits!
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  8. Paddy O'Dors

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    Up in Ella now with all the hippies, bit chilly at 1400m above sea level. Fed up with Sri Lankan vegetable curry for breakfast, could kill for a bacon sarnie. Sri Lanka is great, natives a bit iffy though.
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  9. I still think its stupid that we trying our spinner at 3 when he is clearly a lower order batsman, we talking about playing Stokes at 3 when he is our all rounder who has never batted at 3!

    Yet we have one of the best batsman in the world batting just one place lower, just move Root up just one place higher!

    The whole balance of the side seems to be set and risked just to keep him just one place lower!
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  10. Parkside

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    Can't see Bairstow being a success opening in red ball cricket-I Haven't seen him play at the ball with soft hands. As for his wicketkeeping I think Foakes display these last few days has revealed how lacking Bairstow is in the role. Possibly Broad for Rashid otherwise unchanged imo.
  11. Steak Pie

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    Nuwara is quite Englishafide, can you not find one there? Or the Ozo Hotel in Kandy if you're there next.
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  12. Comeback_Kenwyne

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    Here we go again....
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  13. Ageing trundler

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    Put Root at 3, there is no-one else.
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  14. Silly Point

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    Agree. He's hardly setting the world alight at his beloved 4 so nothing to lose
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  15. BO?
  16. Paddy O'Dors

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    Moneeee" is the first thing they say/think. Friendliness a distant second
  17. The general consensus in the media is that Foakes has taken the gloves from Bairstow and Buttler. Time for them to step up with the bat.
  18. Discopants91

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    Said for ages we should have Buttler at three and give him time to make it his own.
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  19. Don't think someone as free scoring as Buttler and someone with such little red ball cricket as him should be thrown in at the deep end at 3!

    That would be unfair on him and could backfire, I am one of Buttler's biggest fans but batting at 3 is a step too far.

    It has to be Root at 3 , as few posters have said there is simply no other viable option there.
  20. Comeback_Kenwyne

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    I'm in the Bairstow as opener camp myself - but lets be honest: they're all punts aren't they? But that's the one I'd roll the dice for first. Burns, Bairstow, Jennings top three, Ali back down to eight, before Curran, behind Foakes, Buttler, Stokes.

    But not until the West Indies. We need the six bowlers this series I think.

    Main question should be the structure of the attack. I think Broad probably comes in for Rashid but depends on the pitch. That'd be my only possible change.
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