Disturbing films

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    Mental that one.
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    It's bleak but for different reasons. My favourite book of all time.
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    jack a
    Jack and Jill......and that new King arthur film possibly the worst films ever made!Shocking folk got paid for making these!..Dogtooth was sick but that serbian bollocks has to be the worst!
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    The human centipede was just nonsense!

    Footloose was mind numbing!
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  7. Idlewild Mackem

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    Same here, absolutely brutal.
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    Some great movies listed. Eraserhead is an absolute head fuck, cannibal hollocaust was just messed up.

    A recent(ish) one that I found really disturbing was 1408. The King adaptation starring John Cusack. Messed with my head for a few weeks.
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    Forgot about that one :cry:
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    Exibit A seems to have not been mentioned ? Anyway picked this up the other day on a market stall kind of thought it would be tame and wasn't sure at the start but as it progressed it had me getting more and more intrigued and tense.... to cut a long story short it is probably the most shocking film ive ever seen.

    Here's a review from INDb I can totally relate to

    This movie came as a suggestion on this very website while I was reading the page of another movie (you know, the usual "users who watched this movie also liked..."), and I'm really glad I yielded to the curiosity of reading what it was all about. I liked some "found footage" films in the past, but I'm not crazy about the genre, still I was triggered by the scarce plot given here, and I just decided to watch it. Now I'm just through it, and I'm still in shock.

    The first scene is a police label marking the footage we are about to see as found on a murder scene, so there is little to spoil about the plot. The impending doom of those we are about to meet is made clear from the beginning, only leaving in doubt about who is/are the victim/s and who is/are the murderer/s.

    Then it all begins...

    This film could be split in three parts, all of which last about half an hour. It takes some patience to get through the first one, as most of what we see is some obnoxious family games and shallow chit-chat, which serves the purpose of building the context and getting to know the characters. So, we soon come to learn that we're dealing with a somewhat clumsy, but warm and caring father, seemingly a good house man all in all, but with the hint of a shadow looming over him (which will be developed later in the film), a tender, over-sensitive daughter kind of confused with herself, a mother who appears to be steadfast in her familiar role, but a little too stiff and bitchy, and an obnoxious son who is in his teens, but mostly behaves like a second grader or so to the rest of his family and in his leisure time. That is, a believable portrait of every day reality in your neighborhood: a perfect surface with its natural, human flaws. Oh, woe is me, will it not last...

    In the second part, the secret shadow looming over the father begins to disclose, and we start witnessing his descent into weirdness first, and madness consequently. The dis-functionalities of the family, up to that moment quite dull and ordinary, quickly swirl down into a pit of ever growing frenzy, leading to the final showdown, which unravels in the third part.

    I won't spoil anything about what goes on, but I'll just let you all know that this is not a horror movie, this is a dramatically realistic depiction of a well too known REAL horror.

    The performances of the four main actors are stunning, the bond that grows between you and the characters is solid, real, you can feel it, touch it. As the story started developing, I found myself despising the boy, pitying the father, caring for the daughter, getting angry at the mother, and then having all these feelings just messed up and turned inside out as the events unraveled. But nonetheless, there was not a single moment when I was not feeling something for all of them. And I think this is one of the greatest achievements a movie can reach.

    So, be prepared: you will be introduced to four people that you will get emotionally in touch with, only to be overwhelmed by the shocking doom that they will face.

    On a final note: I stood astonished in front of my TV while the whole of the end credits silently rolled out and left an empty, black screen which lasted almost one minute, with no sound whatsoever. I just couldn't move away or stop the play. This is the level of the emotional grip this film has cast onto me.

    You have been warned.

    trailer below

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  11. MLE1

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    Riot Club - dreadful film
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    The Passion Of The Christ. The scourging scene made my blood run cold. The knowledge that it was very probably absolutely realistic made it even worse.
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    Watership Down and Labrynth.
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    Where would I find a copy of Snowtown?
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    The DVD or to download?
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    Download if possible
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    Wolf Creek. Based on a true story. Shit me right up.
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    I just got it on a torrent about 4 years ago man, I can't help sorry.
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