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  1. The main problem with the system is it totally based off your application and interview and nothing at all with how you currently performing in your job.

    Which for internal jobs I find shit.

    As someone can be brilliant at their job and someone shit for a number of years.

    Yet if the shit one does a good form and interview will get the job over the person who has been brilliant at their job for years!
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  2. Nozs' Hat

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    Managers still get an email and can block applications of those not suitable if they haven’t discussed with the gaffer first. They are changing the system next year, skills based rather than competency.
  3. Not in my department they can’t , I am a manager and get regular emails when staff apply for internal vacancies and can only block a application if somebody is ongoing disciplinary action for something like a sickness warning,

    Anything else they can apply for, no matter how bad they are at their current job.
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  4. Nozs' Hat

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    Loads don’t or won’t mind. I sifted circa 100 applications once and didn’t invite any to interview as they were all chancers. Not a single credible candidate, all that wasted time, when really the manager should have told them they didn’t have the skills for the role.
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  5. Being a civil servant certainly beats working for a living .
  6. Yeah agree managers should be able to tell them they don’t have the skills for the job.

    But in this world of open and fair apparently everybody is allow to apply, unless like I say currently on a warning for sickness.
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    Just been placed on a reserve list, I Scored a 7 7 7 which i think is the highest, So wondering if its just down to start dates. ?
  8. dangermows

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    If you have scored maximum marks Id say it sounds like they are pooling knowing jobs are coming up without there being any currently.
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  9. safcpelaw

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    Happy with that idea then, cheers mate.
  10. turtleiris

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    Which department and job?
  11. S.S.R..

    S.S.R.. Midfield

    Just applied for a one similar to the OP's. Had a weird test that I thought was for intelligence but turned out to be for personality. How they can figure that out from a few speed-based games you'd play on a mobile phone is beyond me.

    "Yes, we can see from the arc you chose to throw the bird that you are a logical based extrovert that likes to work on his own and also demolish ramshackle wooden structures containing green pigs wearing armour. "
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  12. TK-421

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    ARC? Prison Officer or is this the same for other civil service jobs now?
  13. S.S.R..

    S.S.R.. Midfield

    Operational kind of thing.
  14. TK-421

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    In a prison?
  15. S.S.R..

    S.S.R.. Midfield

  16. It will be down to start dates etc mate, you will be offered the position when it comes up.

    Expect a few months of painstakingly sending forms and documents / information to them numerous times.

    I'm in the process of going through pre-employment checks for a HMRC position and have been since December 10th. Just sent off my occupational health form today, still waiting for them to complete my references checks and make a decision on security clearance.
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  17. dangermows

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    Grade is that? Different jobs need different security checks/vetting.
  18. Just an AO grade mate its the Surge & Rapid Response Team.

    The last page of the occupational health form asked for evidence of all sort of vaccinations, around 12 IIRC, most of which I have never had. I just sent it off without them, any chance this will cause problems later on? I couldn't imagine why I would need to provide them, the role is based in Peterlee :lol:
  19. dangermows

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    :lol: wouldn't have thought so mate. I'm not even sure they look or join any dots (unless they've improved over recent years). Remember years ago when I worked there they kept sending me a form to fill asking if I'd ever held a civil service pension and when and why I left. It took about a month of emails for them to get it through their heads that yes I'd had one but couldn't give a date and reason regarding leaving because I was still working there (it was a promotion) :lol:.

    Congratulations by the way.
  20. Sounds about right mate, just got to keep plugging away :lol:.

    I initially sent my documents to them on December 10th, received another email on December 23rd stating I had not sent them and failure to do so could result in my application being withdrawn. Sent them again straight away quoting the reference number I received previously and asking for confirmation of receipt. I hadn't heard anything by the 30th so sent another email chasing them, I finally received a response on 31st asking again for confirmation.... Didn't receive it until the 8th. I could imagine getting an email stating my application had been withdrawn due to failure of providing the forms I'd have been outraged :mad::lol:.

    Cheers marra, still a few hurdles to jump yet but I'm hoping I'll pass all the checks.

    What do you make of the civil service fast stream programme? This is the main reason I've been trying to get into the civil service.

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