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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Wayne The Punk, Oct 12, 2018.

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    Dodged a bullet IMHO!
  2. Cos they’ve realised someone they know, probs in the job, got a lower score than you so now they are further up the list.
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    I worked in the civil service for 13 years. Home office and MOJ. Loved it. Got to see and hear things that you’d never otherwise. Saw how the country was really run. Strange organisation st timesthough. Do as your told or you’ll be sidelined. A completely dysfunctional organisation though.
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    Probably the correct answer.
  5. Did they not take kindly to your recommendations to outlaw interracial marriage?
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  6. I've been reserve listed again :lol:
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    Anyone know how long it normally takes from Provisional offer to formal offer if you are internal?
    It seems like the formal offers have went out randomly, not based on interview scores. If its a lottery, disappointed to be on the wrong side of it.
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    Depends on the job. Can take up to six months.

    Why would interview scores come into it? They are done with once provisional offers are made (as they are used to determine who does and doesn't get an offer).
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  9. gatopreto

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    I'm expecting the worst. Its doing my head in.

    I think they recruit in merit order from the reserve list but they definitely don't from Provisional to formal. I know a lad who I outscored in the same recruitment drive, we are both internal and don't need pre employment checks. He got his provisional a week before me and it followed by a formal 2 weeks later. He's already started the job while I don't even have a formal offer. I thought might be because they needed numbers quickly, then I found out an external candidate has started as well. Obviously hiring me would have been a lot quicker, without the checks. So unfortunately it seems like its a lottery. Its pointless emailing them as I don't get any proper updates, just generic emails.
  10. dangermows

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    Unless it's changed they still do checks even if internal, especially if it's a job change.

    Think it all comes down to speed of checks, people returning info, what comes up etc.

    Unless you are found to be unsuitable through checks then a provisional will become a formal marra. Even if it means you starting at a later date (they often stagger iirc).
  11. gatopreto

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    Yeah think they are staggering it, to the extent people have started before others have got formal offers. The only pattern we seem to find is those who had formal offers were the ones that were interviewed first and got provisionals first.
    It's same gov department and they told me when I was emailing to progress chase that no checks needed. Surprised an external candidate could start before with that in mind but it might be they were from the reserve list of a previous recruitment campaign.

    Hopefully I will hear something soon. This was my last reply:

    "As advised in previous emails we don’t have any timescales of when your formal offer will be issued. The appointments team will be looking at potential projects, teams, accommodation and start dates before issuing. I understand this will be frustrating but please be patient and once we have more information we will advise you."
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    You'll definitely be getting a formal offer marra. Just a matter of when, and for where. It's not like you got one of those emails that said you've hit the mark but they can't offer you a post so you're on reserve list.

    I think you're spot on re: the external.
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  13. gatopreto

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    Cheers mate hope so.
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  14. Chesterladmackem

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    which department, and at what grade?
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    Well was called in today due to my "Merit" and had a new role in a different department described (same grade), go and have a look at how they work tomorrow, and have a further meeting on Thursday
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    Wouldn't worry about that mate. Went for a job there, got 7, 7,7 on the interview & ended up on reserve lists. They must put jobs up where they're just pooling people for the future
  17. Seriously mate? Did you ever get offered it?
  18. bigmarlon

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  19. Johnsafc

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    Nah mate. Still on reserve list for another few month.

    Spoke to afew people there and they reckon they were just pooling a talent pool for any potential vacancies so could be same in your job!
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  20. You?

    You saw how the country was run?

    Would explain a lot...

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