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    Just get the bus to North shields, no need for your passport for The Ferry, book a B&B, you may struggle with the language but you wont have any problems with exchanging money
  2. He hasn't got a UK Passport mate.

    Lass at work is Indian and been working for us for a few years since graduating and she has all sorts of phaff on going on holiday as without a British passport she needs a visa to go to Europe and that usually involves an extra day off to physically visit the embassy of the country she wants to go to as well as the cost of the visa and having to share bank account details etc to prove she has the funds to support herself while in the country. She had an arch lever file an inch thick for her most recent trip and she cannot just book a flight and get the accomodation later on airbnb or whatever as the terms of the visa means she has to state exact travel details and where she will be staying. The visas she gets are normally very temporary, maybe a month at best and often restricted to that one single country, so she has to do the whole thing again every time. Being an EU citizen protects us all from that sort of hassle.

    In contrast me and my wife regularly do multi country city trips as we are not ones for long beach holidays. We are doing Helsinki, Tallinn, Vilnius, Kaunas and Riga next month over 2 and a bit weeks and I booked the flights a while back and have been gradually booking accomodation and still have one of the 5 cities still to book and we go in less than a month. We book the accomodation independently and therefore get better accommodation generally than you ever do on a package deal and its normally far cheaper as well. Done this sort of thing all over Europe and can usually get the entire trips accommodation in one or sometimes even two bedroom apartments with full cooking facilities and a living room in each one for under £50 per night. This current planned trip is expensive in Helsinki but stupidly cheap in Vilnius, Kanas and Riga, so it cancels itself out. Doing it this way means you get a washing machine in each place and can then get away with hand luggage even for three weeks. I make sure we have the washing machine and a hair dryer in each place as a minimum and even my wife now comfortably gets everything she needs in the hand luggage. Its a bit duanting the first time but you soon realise just how little luggage you actually need.
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  3. Close. I am in Shields' but Cleadon Park area. I can virtually walk to the branch. I used to walk to the AoL to watch the team train. Just another bit further along Dovedale Road. I won't walk but it is close to me. I know the Fulwell area so well.

    Knowing me I would probably end up going on on of these sites and instead of booking 3 nights in Paris I would probably end up applying for a job at the company or something. I honestly don't know how to work those sites.

    I do have a debit card yes.

    What is for me?

    Are these meant to be CHEAP holidays?! I think you have made some of those names up. but ok. Taking Paris or Mirage as an example. You are saying I can go to Paris or to Mirage for £759. Great. But that is PER PERSON! If I wanted to take my lass it would come to £1,518! And she would have to stump up £759 too and I would imagine it would be hard for her to get away next year. She is in a transition period at work. She may not be in the same place this time next year. She may not be kept on. Though she is looking for another place. So wages are going to be slow I would think.

    Good of you for thinking about me and for trying.
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    Thats the going rate for a holiday mate - I've paid 2500quid for our holiday this year and that is a good deal for the time we are going
  5. It's your dates that are the problem. Late July and early August is school summer holidays and factory shut downs in many places, so prices are expensive to travel. As you don't have children, can you travel at another time? You'd get a holiday much cheaper if you can avoid school holidays.
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  7. I work at Unipres and we have a Shutdown at that time too.

    I am afraid not. Other than the shutdown and bank holiday's I only get 3 floating days a year at Unipres. I can as I say accrue time through half days earned working weeks so to work a 3 day holiday I would have to work 6 weeks. But if I understand it all the statutory holidays eat up all the half days I work the rest of the time.
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    Go to a travel agent with a GoPro on mate. Upload it on here and this thread go's gold. Nailed on.
  9. Ah that's unfortunate :(

    Just play around on the travel websites and see what you can find. shows you the cheapest days to fly places or if you're looking for a short break.

    If you play on skyscanner and say found the cheapest day to fly from Newcastle to Rome was with Jet2, then have a look on their website to see how much a package is on that day, or price up the flights and then play around on sites like looking for accomodation.

    I'm tied to school holidays and play around with dates and destinations a lot to find good deals. My daughter had different Easter holidays to most schools and I found a brilliant deal flying early on Easter Sunday morning this year as it's not a popular time to fly. That was from Leeds and it was easy to get to. Dropped the car off with Viking, did twilight check in on the Saturday to get rid of the suitcases, then kipped in the Travelodge opposite the airport overnight.
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  10. Will do. Thanks for the help.;)
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    Let's hope it's not a travel company eh...... :D
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    It sounds like you’ve learned fuck all tbh
  13. Ryan air flight newcastle gerona 100 euro return late July early Aug. Tues. to Sat. Twenty euro transfer to costa brava. Cheap hotel plenty places fit the bill, Tossa might be a good choice for you.
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  14. Did you bother to look when the post was written?

    Much has happened since.
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    A fish up a tree.
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    Brother and sister in law, married Thursday, walked into travel agent yesterday morning and fly to Mexico today on the Dreamliner.
    1 week all inc £500 each

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