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    Price is for each flight for each person - so 133 each for you and your good lady going and 153 each for you both getting back
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    You really need to know whether you are coming or going:);)
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  3. Blimey!! Didn't know there was all that to consider!!

    So with regard to the "self catering" option of having a holiday how does the company I book the holiday (or the airline) know where I will be eating in the country I am visiting? Psychic or what?!:lol:

    With regard to "all-inclusive" what is my budget? Also will it say on my plane ticket where I will have to eat?

    I very much doubt I have "travel insurance". I have never been abroad before. Never needed to take any out.

    Thanks. Never thought about taking my own food on the plane.

    So we both have to shell out £133 going and £153 for the plane coming back?

    I thought plane prices included the journey both ways.
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    I had not realised your trip was for 5 days.

    you probably wont get a package holiday for that period and to fly out and back on flight only will be expensive and it is in the main holiday season, so there will be no cheapy flights (at least not yet)

    I would be more tempted for a holiday here and a caravan may be more suitable for hiring from Monday to Friday. Bridlington / Scarborough, way is cracking. Short drive down and car gives you the freedom for touring.

    The accommodation when you book, is booked as self catering b&b etc. You eat at your accommodation for what booked, that includes all inclusive.
    so if booked for B&B that is said bed and breakfast at that chosen accommodation.
    If it is all inclusive, then allowed meals and drinks at your chosen accommodation only.

    when you use a flight only service, you have to book for flights you want.
    Just like when you get on a bus here. you are not automatically charged for a return ticket.
    So if you want to come back (not everybody does) you have to tell the company when and pay for your fare
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    Nope - on the screenshot youre just looking at flights - click on Jet2 holidays or city breaks and you can choose destination and length of stay
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    @mackem in milan I reckon he's taking the piss.
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  7. Too right is is expensive! We are talking £133 just going!

    Why won't I get a package holiday for 5 days? That seems quite long to me. It is in Unipres terms. It is more than we are allowed outside of the statutory holiday periods.


    Ok so run me through a hypothetical scenario. I go to the lass in the travel shop place and say I want a holiday to Belgium. She asks me whether I want self-catering, B&B or whatever and then asks me where I want to stay. If I opt for B&B it is only bed and the breakfast. Anything else I have to pay for. If I go for "All-Inclusive" I only pay for food and drink. Again anything else like bed I have to pay for. Am I right?

    I had assumed re: flying that when you tell the lass at the travel shop that you want to go on holiday somewhere you paying for everything. I didn't know you had to pay for the flight there separate to the flight back which is separate to the type of accomodation I go for. So I will first likely have to pay for the plane out and then the plane back (which is somehow more expensive) and then plan and pay for the hotel or whatever I am staying in.

    So if I went on Jet2 flights and booked what would happen once I got to Italy or wherever I went to?

    Why would I? I have never been on a plane before or gone on a foreign holiday abroad.
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    You'd be stood at the airport with no transfer or digs - 'JET2 Flights' kinda gives it away
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    What a load of fucking shit this is man.
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  11. Does it? Not to me. I have never been on a plane before and gone abroad to a foreign place. I thought when you booked a holiday it should include everything and nothing left out - naturally I would. How am I expected to know it is possible to book just the plane?

    Why would you go to Jet2 Flights then if you learn that page is only for getting the plane there and back when Jet2 Holidays I think would give you the whole deal?

    Maybe to you know-it-all. But I have already learned so much about what it means to book a foreign holiday abroad.

    If you had told me at school when I didn't bother learning European History because I assumed I would never go abroad that I would get the chance in my lifetime to fly I would have had you put in an asylum.
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    Some people prefer to sort flights and accomodation out seperately, somepeople fly to and from different airports, people may be stopping with family or friends so only need flights. I've not booked a package holiday in 10 years - always sort flights and digs seperately
  13. Is there any advantage to paying for the plane journey there and then paying for the plane back separate to the hotel or whatever to paying for the whole lot together?
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    Flight availabilty, tour operator might not have the hotel you want, price.
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    What the fuck is a hotel?
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    It's going to blow someone's mind when you explain that eating is broken into 3 separate meal times......:)
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    Classic SBC windup, this
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  18. If SBC is real then I'm looking forward to the 'Help! I'm stuck in the airport and have been here for two days looking for a garden gate with 12A on' thread.
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    you may well do, if you go through jet2, ryan air or easy jet and they have a number of flights per week to and from the chosen destination. If you go through TUI or Thomas cook their most popular package holidays are for 7, 10 or 14 days. Some holiday destination only have 1 or 2 flights to and from by a particular tour operator and the holidays / accommodation is booked in either 7, 10 or 14 night slots. It has to be well organised as hundreds of people will be moving through the particular accommodation during the holiday season.

    If you choose B&B. That is bed and breakfast. so you have to buy lunch and evening meal or any other snacks and drinks you want.
    Full board means bed, breakfast and evening meal.
    All inclusive is more popular at Mediterranean / resort holidays. you will get a bed, breakfast, lunch and evening meal. drinks is down to local policy but normally local drinks are free. You pay for that up front as the holiday cost. You only get the freebies when inside your accommodation. yo don't get free meals at another hotel

    don't get the holiday package mixed up with booking flights and accomadation separate (different suppliers).

    package= flight, transfer, hotel accommodation selected, self catering/ B&B/ full board.

    flight only- flight only. you then need to arrange and pay for transfer from airport to accommodation & the accommodation seperatley. so 3 separate payments to be made

    If you went by jet2 and didn't book transfers or hotel, you would be stuck at the airport
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    It’s got to be surely.

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