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    SBC woosh!
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    Jet2 do city breaks for 3 or 4 days (if you're looking at a Paris / Rome type holiday. With city breaks the bus to/from airport isnt included in price. They do offer it for extra.

    For flexibility of days you could look at Benidorm. Theres about 4 or 5 flights everyday from Newcastle & its fairly cheap. And if you want a more romantic setting, away from the british part just head off down the old town

    I normally wouldnt recommend all inclusive for just 2 adults, but it wont cost that much extra if you didnt always use it & chose to eat out a few times. That way you get a bit of everything to see what sort of holiday you enjoy.
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    I use for all my short term UK stints and longer Sun Holidays.

    Skyscanner gets cheapest flights to any destination.

    I book car parking and holiday insurance separately.
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  4. I see. Thanks for your help. That's all very clear. Now I know what offers what. So the lower end of the plane companies are actually better to go with than the higher end of the travel companies because they offer more flights to more places and more often. Travel companies on the other hand only offer holidays for a certain period of time. But I need to be aware that some places may not have Jet2 going to it as it only is accessible by say Ryan Air so I would have to go via Ryan Air rather than Jet2. Another disadvantage is that you can only go for 7, 10 or 14 night slots.

    I will note all that down so I can learn from it.


    Well said. That post really warms my heart. I didn't think anyone on here cared. I will be putting that forward as Post of the Year. I will certainly remember it for a long long time.

    @Grammar Police is the sort I bet who parks in disabled spaces and laughs at people with disabilities and passes cruel comments about them. I bet he even bullied one at school and never got over it. He comes over as a truly detestable, cruel, vindictive, spiteful, intolerant creature.

    OK @Grammar Police . We know it's you really.
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    That's not funny! ;)
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    You'll find most foreign holidays are abroad.
  8. How cheap is Jersey or Guernsey?

    I am looking for ideas on FB for places to suggest to my girlfriend. I want to surprise her. I tried going on Jet2 but can't work it. Doesn't seem as if Jet2 fly planes from Newcastle Int. Airport to Jersey. I would have to fly to Leeds Bradford to get the plane to Jersey. All 6 places are accessed from there.

    Had more success on EasyJet.

    So as @soapster said IIRC not all destinations are accessed by all planes. Some are only accessed by one plane company. He said "Some holiday destination only have 1 or 2 flights to and from by a particular tour operator and the holidays / accommodation is booked in either 7, 10 or 14 night slots". Maybe Jersey can be accessed to by EasyJet and not Jet2.
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    Drive and park at LeedsBradford man its only an hour down the road - its where I fly to when I visit my mam. More destinations as well with Jet2 and Ryanair if you are still wanting to do it cheap
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    I flew from there to Barcelona a couple of weeks ago as the Newcastle flight times were rubbish. It was no bother at all but longer than an hour. About 1hr45 from Suddick. Mind had to go A1 as A19 was closed overnight.
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    Don't think we've ever taken much more than an hour to/from shiney like. Flights get in 11pm and leave 7am so roads are empty like
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    I was driving at 10pm (stayed at Travelodge night before flight) so roads were clear. It was raining quite heavy so didn't go much past 70mph though. Would have been quicker down a19 mind.
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    Apologies but it really does seem like you're taking the piss.
  14. Speaks more about you than me.

    I tried the Jet2 site first but I couldn't find Jersey as a destination searching myself. Googling "Jersey Holidays" it shows places to stay on the island but as I said all are from LeedsBradford.

    EasyJet is far easier to use. Dunno about Ryan Air. Never tried that.

    One is £714 pp!!

    Beachcombers iirc.

    That does not probably imclude the price of the flight going and the flight coming back!!
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    It really fucking doesn't mate but I won't doubt you again.
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    This thread is fucking brilliant!
  17. Use a travel agent.
    I'm guessing you are in Sunderland
    so I found this:
    Fulwell Branch | Our Hays Travel Store in Fulwell

    Booking online is fine if you are confident but I'd hate to see you book something that isn't right.
    As an aside and you don't have to answer, but do you have a bank card (debit or credit)? Most online bookings will want one of these.
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    Big shout for Mamos' Bar Pefkohori, Halkidiki.
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    Slots you say--this is for you:lol:
    Take your butties though as no bait included :lol::lol:

    Viva Las Vegas from £599pp!

    9th Feb 2020

    Flights from Newcastle or Edinburgh
    5 nights @ Excalibur - £599pp
    5 nights @ Linq - £639pp
    5 nights @ Planet Hollywood - £699pp
    5 nights @ Paris or Mirage - £759pp

    £75pp deposit

    This wont be around for long!

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