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  1. Two have been Lees and Raine. Also I have heard Steele was spoken to during the winter when he was back home in Perth.
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    North said this

    “We certainly considered two of our existing Durham players for the role but they didn’t want to do it, they wanted to focus on their own performance, we looked at Alex Lees and Ben Raine."

    Full article, oddly this is the first thing that came up. A belfast paper :lol:

    Durham chief defends appointment of Bancroft as county captain -

    Same quotes in grauniad. Durham defend decision to appoint Cameron Bancroft as county captain
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  3. Agnew giving Durham a kicking over Bancroft on 5 live xtra in a lunch time interview.
    Actually gave county cricket a kicking.
  4. He's a bellend in general
  5. Made some great points about all these overseas players arriving to play county cricket and if that is the case then why do we need 18 teams. He actually said the counties are playing into the hands of the 100 and that it is inevitable that the number of teams will be reduced if they can't produce their own players.
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    The logic seems a little cock-eyed.

    Counties can't produce players, actually they can but the South Africans who arrive are better.
    So reduce the number of counties - but if the South Africans continue to arrive there will simply be fewer spots for players developed by the counties - and the problem continues.
  7. The likes of Stokes will get through, the likes of Pringle and Richardson won't. I would also imagine that the new regional teams would be told to concentrate on producing players from their region and not be lazy and idle like a lot of counties who barely produce a England players per decade.
  8. We produced our own players and got absolutely shit on from the ECB................
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  9. Yes but you are looking just at Durham he is talking about county cricket in general. Durhams problem is not on the field it is off it. Yes they got shafted but they where also spending money they never had on players they could not afford between 2005 and 2010. Durhams problem is they can't raise the required revenue to have a squad if well paid players. It has been since the early days of bring a first class county.
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    There's a meet and greet with him and Botham after Day 2 of Sussex on Friday. Members lounge.
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    Its generally been the case since the 1970s that each county has had 2-3 overseas players and I don't see anything wrong with that. It leaves 140 or so places for England-qualified players and helps raise the standard. Agnew started his career when this was happening and must have learnt a lot from Winston Benjamin, George Ferris etc.
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    What the fuck is Agnew talking about? Counties have always had overseas players? He is a "better in my day" type, tit.
  13. Perhaps he's forgotten when Warwickshire used to have Kanhai,Kallicharran,Gibbs and Murray in their side in the 70s.
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    Course he has, doesn't fit is narrative

    I usually don't mind Agnew but I bet he hasn't been to one game of county cricket in years, its below his pay grade
  15. What he is talking about is the number of overseas players playing as Englishmen on a " flag of convenience'
    Especially those who have had their international careers with other countries already. It's a fair point.
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    How is it any different than MDV and Benks playing for us?

    They were massive for the club and helped players come through. You need overseas players, and always have, I don't get the point

    Is he saying Curran and co didn't benefit from playing with Morkel and Sangakara?

    Edit re-read post

    Not sure that is his point from what I heard but maybe I misunderstood
  17. There is no difference with Diva and Benks although when Chanderpaul was not there they could have had them as an official overseas
    Personally at Durham I thought when all 3 where playing batting in the top 5 it was over the top. Itsldi held Ayers back. Everyone at the club knew Stokes was ready for county cricket at the start of 2009 but they had to play the foreign big earners instead.
    Nothing wrong with overseas players playing as Overseas it's when they at as Englishmen edpecialky when they are never going to play for England and never will.
    Also why do we always have to have overseas old lags to teach young county pros why can it not be old English lags like Colly and Darren Stevens there are loads of them. It's because the standard if county cricket would be poor without all the imports whether they arrive at the age of 20 or 35.
  18. If that's the point he's making then it is a fair point but he also can't be blind to the fact that it was happening in his day as well - he played test cricket in the era of Lamb, Smith x 2, Lewis, Small, Malcolm, Slack. Whilst they may not have represented their countries, they effectively flew the same flag.

    The only difference at the moment seems to be those such as Olivier who are turning their back on their county after gaining international honours, in an attempt to repatriate as an Englishman. Kyle Abbott could fall into the same category too.

    I am of the opinion that counties are so cash-strapped that there is almost a desperation to win prize money so they are happy to fill their sides with Kolpaks, the ECB must shoulder some blame for this.

    I don't agree with the Kolpak system, and am loathe to see so many representing England (Or in the running to), but this is hardly a modern issue. How many West Indians came over here in the 80's when they had no chance of getting into their side?
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    Interview coming up on LookNorth

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