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  1. Whether anyone agrees with it or not, the challenge is justified on 3 levels;

    - is it right that Durham give a batsman pre ashes time (answer: clearly yes, everyone else does)
    - is giving him the captaincy a good message to cricket (debatable: probably not in my opinion)
    - is it good for Durham (debatable: temporary captain. What’s the point? Reading the book it’s quite clear how captaincy is important for culture. Does a cheat do anything for the culture? A cheat who may be here a few months? Look elsewhere for me)
  2. The whole sandpaper thing for me has become a joke. It went way to far, yes let’s take the piss out them etc in the Ashes. But it’s hardly the same as M Amir and he’s strolled back into the game relatively unnoticed. They were banned for a bit, time to move on....
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  3. knockneed

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  4. The Rat

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    It’s bad like in my opinion

    They clearly did the test before too

    They have almost never reverse swung the ball since being caught

    So they were clearly serial cheaters helping them win games

    The way the ball reverse in Perth against England defied all logic, conditions where not right for any reverse swing at all

    It’s not just one day they decided to cheat and coincidentally got caught

    Their cheating won then games, more influence than a bowler deliberately bowling one no ball
  5. I disagree. One was cheating. One was profiting without really influencing the direction of the game
  6. He was though influencing it though wasn’t he and not because he wanted to win the game either. I’m quite happy to differentiate between small margins to win a game for proffessional pride and small margins to try and make money from it by attempting to lose.
  7. He was. But not in a major way.

    Not that I’m justifying it. But the Australians were just as bad.
  8. I’m happy to move on from it. Hopefully Bancroft repays Durham CCC’s faith in him. I will still give him shite at Headingly mind if he’s in the Aussie team in August ;)
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    Lees and Raine both turned the chance to be captain. It sort of left DCCC with little option to offer it to Bancroft
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    Reason I don't want him as captain is his interviews he did before the boxing day test, just totally devoid of responsibility for me
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    Judging from twitter Bancroft has arrived in the country … I wonder if he'll turn up at Derby. Marty will hope so and hope to get an interview too.
  14. The Rat

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    We can analyse this decision as much as we want, but he was simply made captain as he was mates with North, that isn't me criticising it, but its why it happened
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    It’s probably important to note too mind, that others were offered it - but didn’t want it.
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  16. Spot on
  17. Bri

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    Which means this North mate thing is bollix.
  18. To be fair 3 other players have turned it down. Still a shocking decision though.
  19. was this confirmed by the club?
  20. Bri

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    Another point is that North took out references on Bancroft - why would he need to do that if they're mates? He'd know already surely.

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