Bancroft as captain

Discussion in 'Cricket' started by knockneed, Mar 21, 2019.

  1. knockneed

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  2. Not something i agree with
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  3. smoker

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  4. knockneed

    knockneed Central Defender

    Not sure it sends the right message. Would have preferred Raine or Lees but I suppose we don't know if they'd have wanted it. No blindingly obvious candidates, though...
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  5. I said last season Cameron Steel would be my captain and I stand by that.

    Lees, Raine and Rushworth should be regulars this season, therefore are more then credible options.
  6. knockneed

    knockneed Central Defender

    You rarely see a quick bowler as a captain these days, not that it has to be a batsman- Jason Gillespie has a reputation as a very good coach but did he captain any first-class teams?

    I think Steel is better concentrating on his batting at the moment but Bancroft would be below them all on my list, not just because of his part in the ball-tampering events (although that should be enough) but also because there's nothing to say he'll be here for more than the one season anyway (as far as I know).
  7. Bri

    Bri Winger

    Strange decision imho.
  8. He misses the first game and Australia may well call him up also
  9. brandon

    brandon Striker

    Really not arsed.
  10. Shocking decision! Even worse than signing him in the first place when he was still banned for cheating.
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  11. Thebumble

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    Everyone makes mistakes! Let’s just hope he’s moved on and performs well. Give the lad a chance.
  12. Thought it would be Lee's tbh.
    How long are we expecting Bancroft to be here this season?
  13. Silly Point

    Silly Point Midfield

    I'm sure his "knowledge" will come in useful. Bringing everything Mr Warner taught him to Durham ;)
  14. The Rat

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    I suspected this was coming like, made sense about the lack of announcement

    I wouldn’t have done it. I’d have done Raine, although there are a lack of candidates

    I don’t agree with @GordonMuchallNo1Fan about steel, he’s ok, but I think he needs to focus on staying in the team which I don’t think is guaranteed now burnham is back

    Rushy an option

    It’s weird as if I’m honest I didn’t want to sign Bancroft, he acted so poorly his
    Whole international career, not just the cheating, the sledging, the taking the piss out of bairstow in a prediscussed press conference

    But seeing the club get stick on twitter by instinct is to defend them and get behind them
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  15. Bri

    Bri Winger

    A match or two ….. should run a book.
  16. brandon

    brandon Striker

    You a fan of The Smiths marra?

    Great post TR, not saying I agree with all of it but it’s very close to how I feel on the topic.
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  17. Silly Point

    Silly Point Midfield

    Feel free to come back with Kolpakshire jokes ;)
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  18. brandon

    brandon Striker

    You’re nowhere near as bad as some others are yet :)
  19. gowlcra

    gowlcra Midfield

    Think it’s a good appointment he’s plenty to prove and he’s obviously well thought of. Bookmark this he will have a belter of a season and see promotion achieved.

    Ha way lads :)
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  20. hudson88

    hudson88 Striker

    No issue with me.

    He’s our best batsman, is guaranteed to be starting every game and has international experience.

    We don’t even know who half our side is going to be.

    Good choice
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