Autumn booster jabs

It really isn’t. I don’t know anyone who has had Covid more than twice.
Had it 4 x Got the Letter from Boris at the start as being extremely vulnerable Delta was the worst but got over it in around 5 days tops because im fit and active and maintain a bowling green and club all year round.... the biggest point to take away from them facts is being clinically obese increases your risk of Death from Covid by 50 % Meanwhile Boris told you all to eat out to help out. Only a mug would have followed that advice.
I had my Pfizer booster this morning. I’m hoping to avoid side effects because I fly to Spain tomorrow afternoon. The missus, although a few years younger that me has also been invited to book due to her being vulnerable (heart issues). Strangely though, she couldn’t get an appointment until the end of the month. Maybe it’s best that one of us is definitely not going to have post Vaxx lurgy on the plane?
Well I had an achy arm. Worse than previous but no big deal. Then I started feeling a bit woozy and cold jus before bedtime. I got shivery in bed. Started getting a headache.

I took a couple of solpadeine. Started feeling a bit warm. Had to get out of bed. And now it’s half four and I’m on here coz I feel absolutely fine but I can’t sleep

hope this helps.
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My son, daughter and myself all had the Pfizer booster at Buny Hill yesterday morning. Absolutely no side effects at all for any of us apart from a slight painful arm for me. The kids didn’t even get that.
Edit: Bunny Hill
Was impressed with the organisation and quickness of the procedure there