Autumn booster jabs

Anybody know how long you need to wait following a Covid infection before you arrange a booster? Is there a timescale from the first negative test or owt?

Went to Washington walk in clinic today, only to be told it's appointment only and the website is wrong. It wasn't just us. Loads of other people were turned away too.
Just done exactly that. Was there about 2-00 and security at the turning people, even important people like me, away.

Bloke on the door said they've turned dozens away because its appointment only.

Waste of time, effort and petrol.
Warning for anyone considering just turning up at a walkin centre. If at all possible try and confirm its open before you go.

I've now been to 3 walkin centres.

Washy (just down from the galleries). Appointment only.

Today, Haymarket metro walkin. Closed. Queue outside.

I heard a metro employee say, if they are coming, they'll come from the centre for life. So i traipse across magland to the CFL.

Bloke stopping anyone entering, people waiting. He says nothing happening here today.

Shambles. Bloke being paid to organise this rollout wants a boot up the arse.
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Got shingles now so I have to wait until I've recovered from that before I can have my booster.
Got mine Sunday at the Centre for life. Just my flu jab on Saturday and i'm sorted.
Jab on Sunday, today i think i have slight side effects. Very slight lethargy and faint headache.

If the jab fairy is reading this, i'd rather not feel like this thank you.
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It will be either Moderna or Pfizer but a slightly different concoction to help counteract the Omicron variant.
What we’re finding is the virus is evolving around the immunity that’s been built up through vaccines.

The above is what virologists are currently saying, so what is the point of continuing with the roll out? Maybe it's better that we now learn to live with it better than we are doing, get more exercise and eat a better diet.
The NHS needs to get the waiting lists down and get people seen sooner than they are currently doing. There are people who are seriously ill who have far more problems than a sore throat a cough, and headache, which is what the bulk of current infections seem to be.
GPs need to get back into the surgeries and physically see examine and talk to patients imo.
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