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Asda Pizza's

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Sam Handwich, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. Dennis

    Dennis Central Defender

    Sainsburys are better
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  2. Roaring Chubby

    Roaring Chubby Midfield

    Asda pizzas CYO pizzas are shite compared to a decent takeaway. The bases are bought in ffs, a decent pizza shop makes it fresh. Decent dough is the most important part of the pizza, the Asda CYO stuff is just about piling shed loads of toppings onto a cardboard base.
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  3. errant

    errant Striker

    I don’t think there are that many decent takeaways which shows the popularity of Asda...
  4. Roaring Chubby

    Roaring Chubby Midfield

    Course they are some decent ones. Asda is cheap, is the top and bottom of it
  5. Marcosplace

    Marcosplace Striker

    I make my own. Base I make from scratch. Really easy to do and tastes like restaurants.
  6. Yankee Mackem

    Yankee Mackem Winger

    This. Lusharoony.
  7. Sam Handwich

    Sam Handwich Winger

    Price is just a bonus mate. And how many pizza shops make their own Base. How do you know Asda don't make their own bases off site then distribute to individual stores. Same thing isn't it
  8. Roaring Chubby

    Roaring Chubby Midfield

    I’m pretty sure all pizza shops make their own dough, it costs nowt so makes sense. Asda might make them but they are probably knocked up in a factory a week ago. Each to their own.
  9. Charltons in Peterlee do lush pizzas.
  10. The Great MES

    The Great MES Winger

    Domino's don't make their own bases. They get them bought in frozen
  11. What A Waster

    What A Waster Striker

    Why do you put an apostrophe before the S in 'pizzas' but not before the S in 'minutes' or 'shops'?
    Not having a go, just interested as to why that happens as they're all plurals.
  12. BigPete

    BigPete Striker

    Rip off Dominos never get them
  13. Roaring Chubby

    Roaring Chubby Midfield

    Dominos are shit for the money
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  14. What A Waster

    What A Waster Striker

    I like Dominos and don't find them to be too unreasonably priced.
    Always deals and offers on the go which means you never actually pay full price. Not that much more expensive than any other take away
  15. Flying Lotus

    Flying Lotus Midfield

    How much money are you spending? As has been said, once you apply a deal the pizzas work out around half the price or more.
  16. What A Waster

    What A Waster Striker

    12 inch pizza in your local shitinatray merchant is about £7.50 x2
    Wedges/chips £2
    Small garlic bread £3
    Bottle of pop £3.
    Then a delivery fee

    Same thing from Dominos £22, no delivery
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  17. Flying Lotus

    Flying Lotus Midfield

    Exactly, I never get Dominos anymore as I prefer to go elsewhere but they’re no more expensive than the others.
  18. What A Waster

    What A Waster Striker

    Even if you got M&S big take away style ones they're nearly £7, then the extras you're gonna be nudging up towards the price of dominos, and you have to cook it yourself
  19. alexraeschin

    alexraeschin Goalkeeper

    Aye, hadn't had one for years and always saw the queue was massive so tried one a few month back. Rotten. Base is like a savoury digestive, polystyrene and carboard mixture pulped down and dehydrated with shit sauce whacked on. Cheese was rank too and the edges were incinerated by the time the middle was cooked.

    How to make pizza Neapolitan-style at home

    If you do a decent batch of dough you can batch freeze some down and have one of these ready and be eating it in less time than you'd stand in the queue to be fed shit.
  20. Sam Handwich

    Sam Handwich Winger

    Fucked if i know mate. If i'm on my phone its a chore just proof-reading everything through using auto-spell so i'm quite casual about letting the odd apostrophe through the net. Unlike some ;)

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