Asda Pizza's


the queue for them around 5 a bells most nights suggest that these are popular with the general public...
Hope your not one of these that think Domino's is the beez kneez because they do great adverts and therefore you are obliged to like them cos' everyone else thinks they are mint an that.

The very same.
no, i think dominos is a complete con in this country. however, i have also sampled asda pizzas on occasion and do not enjoy them.

im also a deep pan kinda guy.
Don’t have a proper crust on Asda pizzas, goes hard around the edge. If you try and cook them so it doesn’t, they’re inevitably soggy in the middle.

Dominos pizzas extortionate so only get them on a Monday when the Wuntu offer is on (three network) get a pizza off them for 3 quid. Pizza and crust lovely, but would I fuck pay full whack

Bob Fleming

Would agree. I've never been able to find a takeaway pizza here that I'm happy with. Apart from something like that Nana Franca but it's very expensive.
Asda CYO always lovely.


They are top value like, irrespective of what the SMB hoi polloi reckon. Far better than Sainburys or anything out of any supermarket fridge or freezer and any shit take away. Unfortunately I don't live near an Asda any more.

Large stone bake with ground beef, salami, jalapenos and mozzarella slices with garlic oil for me please.


Central Defender
I used to work on the pizza counters in Asda between 2003 and 2006 but I’ve not had one for ages (probably since Mrs Dundee was in hospital with my youngest, who’s now 3 and a half)

I used to love the stonebaked bases but they changed supplier (not sure if they’ve changed back) and they weren’t very good.