Asda Pizza's


Get yourself to Sainsbury's. Thank me later.

Also just bought a new pizza stone yesterday. Going to use it on Saturday :cool:
Nee mention of the Log Fire Pizza van? Proper Neapolitan gear.

Parks up in random locations around shields/occasionally Sunderland.


Also just bought a new pizza stone yesterday. Going to use it on Saturday :cool:
Only good for fresh dough though as they get too hot for the create your own ones imho

That being said I would choose fresh dough over CYO bases any day of the week


Overrated and the fatarsed woman who make them don’t wash their hands after they have wiped their arses


10" Thin and Crispy. Best pizza's out there. 12 minutes on 200 and wallop.
Better than anything out of the million and a half Pizza shops in the North East. Domino's my arse.
Shite compared to Sainsbury's though.

They are top value like, irrespective of what the SMB hoi polloi reckon. Far better than Sainburys or anything out of any supermarket fridge or freezer and any shit take away. Unfortunately I don't live near an Asda any more.

Large stone bake with ground beef, salami, jalapenos and mozzarella slices with garlic oil for me please.
You poor deluded fool. Hanging's too good for you and your ilk.

Sainsburys sourdough base ones are miles better.
See this lad?^^^
It's a fucking travesty that he has to walk the same planet as these Asda wankers.

Try with the bbq base it's the future I'm telling you
You filthy fucking pig.
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No hot running water at Grangetown Asda. Let’s hope the hygiene standards are up to scratch when your chomping on the CYO.