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Discussion in 'SMB' started by chunksafc, Dec 1, 2018.

  1. chunksafc

    chunksafc Winger

    Once again thank you all for your thoughts, prayers and kind words.

    Dad is slowly being woken up, he recognises mam's voice and can blink to answer questions. His dialysis is working as intended but may take a few days to get rid of all the swelling / rubbish in his system.

    Another small step forward
  2. Archbishop 22

    Archbishop 22 Full Back

    Thanks for the update Chunk.
    I know from personal experience what a shock to the system it is having your breastbone sliced down the middle for open heart surgery.
    Just be patient and have faith in those looking after him.
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  3. Ha'way Chunk Snr
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  4. bigmarlon

    bigmarlon Midfield

    Good luck mate. Stay strong.
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  5. Small steps are good steps marra.
    Haway the Chunk family.
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  6. chunksafc

    chunksafc Winger

    Morning update from the hospital, dad had another stable night, they are discussing reducing his dialysis to intermittent.

    He's finally moved all his limbs and sedation nearly all taken away.

    Another small step forward
  7. CheersMarra84

    CheersMarra84 Striker

    Sorry to hear about that mate. My Dad had a heart attack 2 weeks ago but unfortunately passed away at 6am this morning in Sunderland hospital so I know what you’re going through. This was his 4th heart attack within 16 years due to being a heavy smoker.

    The staff at Sunderland hospital are a credit to their profession and I can’t thank them enough for their work they did to try and give my old man the best chance at fighting it. Keep your chin up pal, he’s in good hands and he sounds like a fighter going off your latest posts.
  8. chunksafc

    chunksafc Winger

    So sorry to here that about your dad and i genuinely appreciate you taking the time when you should rightly be thinking about yourself and your family to post supporting my dad

    I've just seen dad and he's responding to questions and responding with small head movements.

    I've told him when he wakes up properly and is well enough that he had to post on this thread, I couldn't make out what he was trying to mouth but I suspect the last word was off.
  9. CheersMarra84

    CheersMarra84 Striker

    That’s good news that he’s responding mate. Keep the faith and be patient, I’m sure everything will work out fine. All the best!
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  10. sidneyeric

    sidneyeric Striker

    Class, keep going da Chunk.
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  11. Sorry to read that marra. Sending all my best.
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  12. CheersMarra84

    CheersMarra84 Striker

    Thanks mate, much appreciated.
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  13. mysticmackem

    mysticmackem Midfield

    These people are brilliant, and sometimes they don't get the credit that they deserve. I'm still here only because of them. Sorry to hear of your Dad,
  14. Big Sharp Teeth

    Big Sharp Teeth Striker

    Condolences mate. Thoughts are with you and yours. Take care.
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  15. chunksafc

    chunksafc Winger

    Update from the hospital, they have taken his breathing tube out and his first slurred words were "where is my coffee"

    A giant step forward
  16. Doberman

    Doberman Striker


    Keep going Father Chunk!
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  17. ---Nemo---

    ---Nemo--- Striker

    Ha'way the Lad!
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  18. Archbishop 22

    Archbishop 22 Full Back

    His next words will be ‘I’ll kick your arse for posting all of this on SMB’

    Take care Chunk.....a bit more off the weight you are carrying.
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  19. chunksafc

    chunksafc Winger

    You obviously know my dad :lol:
  20. Italian Outcast

    Italian Outcast Central Defender

    Been following this - glad things seem brighter for Father OP.
    These events are scary but not always a terrible outcome these days
    When my dad was 75 he collapsed at home and was rushed to the hospital... he needed 12 units of blood and an emergency aortic aneurysm repair --- He's now 94

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