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  1. After losing my dad from an heart attack at his young age of only 47 I learn't to appreciate every living moment with the ones I love. Do the same, time is precious.
    The hard bit has been done, your dad has been fixed and he's on the mend, so I wish you and you dad have many more wonderful years together mate.:)
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    Thanks again everyone for the kind words, I know it has helped me and my family to know others are thinking of dad.

    Still a massively long way to go and he's not out of the woods by any stretch of the imagination but every step is a step closer
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    Thank you mate!

    Cheers marra! Much appreciated.
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    Sorry about mate, I hope he pulls through OK. Fingers and Toes crossed here. BTW whats he had done? I'm now down to 8 weeks for replacement of a Bicuspid Aortic Valve and repair to ascending Thoracic Aneurysm. I was told there is around 6 % chance i don't wake up for the combined OP. [​IMG]

    The power of the SMB strikes again
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    He was meant to to have aortic valve replaced and a bypass to another blocked one ended up with that plus a rebuilt aorta and repair works to his right atrium. Essentially 3 major heart ops in one go
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    So sorry for your loss mate....Losing your Dad is devastating, smoking tabs all is life it was the Cancer who took my dad, but 4 heart attacks cant have been nice for him ...thankfully his now at peace. Take care yourself.

    They think i'm in good shape for it as I've still no coronary heart disease on the last Angiogram and at 57 i suppose I'm still a pup. Mine was an hereditary fault in the womb that was only picked incidentally 4 years ago. Thanks for the reply and keep well yourself for when he comes home.;)
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  7. Tell him to think of the likes you'll get. ;):lol: Be pushing top 5.
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    Dad has his first bypass at 42, he's 72 now and had numerous stents done over the years.

    As the surgeon said on Friday night after his marathon operation, when the 3rd thing went tits up and dad was "staring at the abyss" it took all the surgeons skill and dedication to basically make it work. He also pointed out dad was a very strong man. No idea where or how dad is finding the strength to fight this but I have to believe all the positive thoughts from here and elsewhere are helping him.

    If you have any questions about your op, drop me a pm mate and I will ask the staff or my sister (no) who know far more than I do
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    He knows your family and you are willing him on, by prayer, by hope, by talking to him even when he seems out of it, all of these and more. We are remarkable humans, and fundimentally interconnected with each other. Stay strong for him, and the rest of your family, and by doing that you are helping him find that strength
  10. About 12 years ago my dad was complaining about a bad back but a trip to the gp is always the last resort with him.

    After a few weeks he got an appointment and was immediately sent to Leicester hospital as he had an aortic aneurysm that was close to popping.

    I got a message to drive from work in Nottingham to Leicester as he might not have long left to live.

    I raced down the m1 thinking of what our last conversation would be like. I would tell him that I was proud to be his son etc. even though he was a bit of a grumpy hard man at times.

    I found the ward, saw my dad, he was sitting up in bed and he just said “Why are you here ya daft bugger?”.

    Anyhow the op went well.
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    Just been to visit dad, he is off dialysis during the day now and the staff and really pleased with the progress he is making.

    He's still very confused and obviously very poorly but is speaking occasionally. The staff have suggested we leave him to rest for a few hours and they are hoping to lift him into a chair this afternoon for an hour.

    Oh and when I told him about this thread and that you were all thinking about him and wishing him well he clearly said "son, your an arsehole"
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    :lol: That's you told.
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    Ha'way Chunk Snr!!!;)
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    That's a pretty amazing testament to the human body. 30 years a go he needed a bypass and still that heart hasn't missed a beat.

    Good luck to yer Da.
  15. chunksafc

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    Evening update.

    Dad doing amazingly well, he's awake but very confused and trippingoff his tits thanks to the drugs

    He wouldn't settle tonight as he was convinced I was in trouble, but calmed down when I spoke to him and told him I was ok and so were the kids.

    A giant step forward today
  16. If you are offered any more of these wonder drugs then it might be best to take some home with you, just in case.

    My dad was offered some super strength painkillers after a knee replacement but he refused them and just took paracetamol :evil:
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    Tell your dad I love him :lol: sounds a quality bloke
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    Today's daily dad update. He's still a bit confused and tripping bit everything going in the right direction

    They have stopped his dialysis and are taking his chest drains out before moving him from intensive care to the high dependancy unit.

    Major steps forward overnight and this morning.

    He spent 5 minutes this morning offering everyone that came past his bed coffee and telling mam to get the kettle on
  19. Archbishop 22

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    That sounds very promising Chunk.....sounds like he’s as tough as an old boot.

    Onwards and upwards.
  20. chunksafc

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    Small steps forward mate and I don't know where he found this strength from but it's in there somewhere

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