80s memories


Central Defender
  • School Holidays, watching black n white re-runs of Zorro, Flash Gordon and the original (George Reeves) Superman
  • Having fuck all to do on a Sunday
  • 4 Tv Channels
  • About 5 live football games a season on TV
  • Kevin Toms' Football Manager (it was great when you worked out the cheat)
  • Ghostbusters on the C64
  • Spokies
  • Baking powder submarines
Yes it was shite ! But I used to be out all day as a nipper, wouldn’t dare now

Latka Gravas

Parents had a Sunday morning 'lie in' which meant my brother and I had free reign of the tv which was frigging farming and religious programmes until The Jetsons came on
Is that what they called it ?
Sunday teatime. My Mam was out at choir practice at the Church and I used to watch Supergran then Bullseye with my Dad with something like a corned beef sarnie or toast toppers for tea.
Bathed and pyjamas on, in time for Hart to Hart. Having a sly sip of my dads Mcewans best scotch when he was out of the room, tasted bloody awful but didn’t stop me doing it on a regular basis.
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Elton Welsby presenting the odd match on itv on a sunday afternoon.

Followed by bullseye and me ma making apple pie n carnation milk for after our tea.

That Sunday night feeling of school tomorrow