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Discussion in 'SMB' started by CraigyLee, Jan 15, 2018.

  1. Zig81

    Zig81 Striker

    Haven’t hit a ball since before Christmas!

    Going out for a knock after Wembley weekend with @Scudley, god help the bloke.
  2. South Shields and Whitburn are good if you want to play all year round.
    I’m at Whitburn and there were only 3 temp greens on over winter (and this was due to them being dug up / new drainage channels put in).
    Like another poster said it’s very rarely calm winds or warm but it’s not a bad track.

    Shields is also a good track with some interesting holes as well.
    Both are about the same price for membership.
  3. Zig81

    Zig81 Striker

    A very good friend of mine is a member at Whitburn and I’ve played there a few times with him. It’s a canny course, the last few holes over the road I find the best.
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  4. Yes 14-18 are very picturesque.
    Love the 17th , great 2nd shot into that green off at an angle.
    I like the front 7 as well , it’s just the middle section that is too samey, plus that 9th (par 5 uphill should be a par 7 when the winds up !!)
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  5. Zig81

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    2nd is a great hole. The index 1 is a good hole playing your second shot over the water, if you get a good drive away it’s not too bad, shite/average drive and it’s a bastard :lol:
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  6. I always have to bale out left with my 2nd on 12.
    Just cannot get enough on 2nd shot to get it over the pond !
    Think it’s psychological :lol::lol:
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  7. Zig81

    Zig81 Striker

    I’ve birdied it a few times and dropped it in the drink on more than one occasion! The par 3 after it is a good hole, narrow green to hit.

    You might know the lad I play with there, initials LB, from South Shields.
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  8. I only know about 20 - 30 of the members tbf.

    If you’re up there any time let me know and you can give me some pointers for my 2nd shot at 12 :lol:
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  9. Zig81

    Zig81 Striker

    I’ll probably join there if they put a decent deal on during the season.

    I’ll drop you a pm when I’m there next mate.
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  10. Algarve for 4 nights and 3 rounds tomorrow. Gerrin :cool:
  11. Enjoy.
    Love a foreign golf trip.
    Went as a group of 16 lads to Spain for about 10 years running and loved every trip we did there.
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  12. Take plenty of balls for salgado, either that or your speedos. Lots and lots of water
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  13. We are and I haven't got enough, looking at the course. Did play it years ago, but can't really remember it
  14. Turned up at Throsten this morning with @Voice of fair play fully expecting shitty morning of weather. Thankfully only drizzled for about 4 holes then was decent for rest of round. Both played decent enough on a cold morning. My marra revenged last weeks result by 2 shots. Throsten never has the best greens but they have been well and truly shite these past two weeks. Teed off and 7.20, finished at 10.30, back in the house for just after 11. Wish every round was as speedy as that
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  15. CraigyLee

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    Net 69 today for me sees me 9th currently and through to the knockout

    4 doubles could have been better ... could have been worse too if my short game wasn’t decent hit 2 greens in reg all day
  16. Pepe

    Pepe Striker

    Won a singles match yesterday on the last. I was 4 down after 9 and was giving the other bloke 8 shots. I was thinking at that point that I was heading for a massive defeat. Losing is one thing but I was playing like an absolute turkey.

    Anyway, as thoroughly nice a bloke as he was he was talking as if he had won walking down the 10th and then promptly knocked his second OB and I thought here we go.

    Nice feeling to turn it round, just shows that the game is not in the bag until there are not enough holes left.
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  17. harmy

    harmy Midfield

    Just got back from 4 days in pesanta Gramacho in Portugal. Played 3 rounds on the Gramacho 111,and 2 x 104 rounds. Played the Pinta course Sunday and scored 94. My best ever round. Went first 9 in 42. Would have done even better if I didn’t fuck the 18th hole par 5. Got a ten. !!!

    With my 20 handicap I was only 3 over par. That course is where the Portuguese open is held. Couldn’t believe it.

    Mind the 2nd day the heat ruined me. Back 9 I could barely swing my clubs. Gutted after scoring 48 on the front 9 too.

    One of my bucket list now going abroad playing with my old man and brother.
  18. Fucking destroyed me as usual, too much booze, little sleep and shite golf. Was class.
  19. harmy

    harmy Midfield

    Where you go? We’re you on the easyJet flight in to Newcastle last night?
  20. Na Portugal and Jet2.

    Mind on the way there, there was a stag do of about 50 lads from Trimdon, the local had opened up early at 4am for them. Let's say a few were rather drunk and one lad tried to have a tab on the plane. In the airport a couple of started scrapping, with one ending up with a bust nose and blood over. Fucking idiots some of them.

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