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Discussion in 'SMB' started by CraigyLee, Jan 15, 2018.

  1. Wicksy

    Wicksy Midfield

    Played Garesfield today- was really surprised how nice a course it is - a real beauty for 12 quid a round and a free pint on a Monday
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  2. Baby Give It Up

    Baby Give It Up Midfield

  3. Play pissed , you’ll tear it up ;)
  4. The lads I’m going with will be supping on the course. Ffs
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  5. It’s a rule , you must.
    Get yourself a ham / cheese baguette and a pint of San Miguel at the “half way house” on each course
  6. Pepe

    Pepe Striker

    They look like they are offset?

    Not for me, then again, not me playing with them!

    If I even smell beer, I can’t hit the ball.

    Sooner have a fanta limon and the obligatory ham and cheese bread based product and then get pezzled afterwards so I can sweat it all out on the round the next day that I have paid a fortune for.
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  7. Pint at half way. !!!

    These fuckers will have 10 cans man
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  8. When we played the brabazon at the belfry I only had 14 points after 9. There's normally a big delay on 10 due to the fact everyone tries to drive the green. I ended up having 6 bottles in 30 mins and shot 23 points on the back 9. Beer obviously works
  9. buster

    buster Winger

    Portugal the week after next for the 14th annual golf trip.

    Monte Rei
    QDL south.

    Day off in the middle , which some of us will hire bikes and do a decent ride before heading for a late lunch on the beach , the day after the messiest of messy nights.

    Cracking trip , cracking set of lads.
  10. Slatz63

    Slatz63 Midfield

    Of to Marbella at 5 tomorrow morning for 4 days of golf.

    7th year with this bunch of drunks. I don't drink so it's always entertaining escorting them home every evening.
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  11. Dendinho

    Dendinho Striker

    Had a pre knock at Castle Eden tonight with @peterleeyacker 37 points with a solitary NR
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  12. Why did you not mention my 41 points :D.
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  13. Which courses are you playing ?
  14. harmy

    harmy Midfield

    How much is castle Eden these days for a round?
  15. £17 on a weekday with a member
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  16. Dendinho

    Dendinho Striker

    Wanted you to bask in the glory mate.
  17. wilma56

    wilma56 Central Defender

    Grear advice, I'm at tour standard at a certain level of drunkeness
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  18. Played Blackwell Grange tonight in a team match. They have spent a lot of money on the course and it was in great condition. They remodelled 3 par 3s and they look fantastic
  19. Ditchboy

    Ditchboy Central Defender

    I’ve joined Brancepeth Castle and it is destroying my handicap. :D
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  20. Lovely course Brancepeth.
    That 2nd (the par 3) is a cracking little hole , as are the 2 par 3’s round the castle.

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