**** 2019 Golf Thread ****


Played Garesfield today- was really surprised how nice a course it is - a real beauty for 12 quid a round and a free pint on a Monday


Been dying for a new set of irons since I started playing golf. Been using a crap second hand set off Facebook.

Bought some TaylorMade

TaylorMade AeroBurner HL Irons Steel - Google-Suche

Can't wait for me first round
They look like they are offset?

Not for me, then again, not me playing with them!

It’s a rule , you must.
Get yourself a ham / cheese baguette and a pint of San Miguel at the “half way house” on each course
If I even smell beer, I can’t hit the ball.

Sooner have a fanta limon and the obligatory ham and cheese bread based product and then get pezzled afterwards so I can sweat it all out on the round the next day that I have paid a fortune for.
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Portugal the week after next for the 14th annual golf trip.

Monte Rei
QDL south.

Day off in the middle , which some of us will hire bikes and do a decent ride before heading for a late lunch on the beach , the day after the messiest of messy nights.

Cracking trip , cracking set of lads.


Of to Marbella at 5 tomorrow morning for 4 days of golf.

7th year with this bunch of drunks. I don't drink so it's always entertaining escorting them home every evening.
Played Blackwell Grange tonight in a team match. They have spent a lot of money on the course and it was in great condition. They remodelled 3 par 3s and they look fantastic