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Discussion in 'SMB' started by harmy, May 14, 2019.

  1. harmy

    harmy Midfield

    Need a bit advice

    I’ve worked at my company for ten years nearly. I’m the longest serving engineer in the department. I have 3 fellow engineers who I work alongside. 1 is newish by about 6 months. Anyway before he started I found out how much salary was in offer. . It was advertised as 30-33k. This was potentially 5k more than me. Lad started and told me how much he was on prior to arriving suggesting he was on 33k.
    Went and had it out with my gaffer who said he would get me the same etc. Low and behold didn’t get the big payrise and got the big standard 2.5%. I’ve had to train the new guy up and also had to show the other 2 over the years the same training etc.

    Now I’ve found out another engineer s job has came up in another department which I quite fancy. But the job has no salary advertised.
    Do I ask hr how much the salary is?
    Do I ask my current boss would he mind if I went for the job?
    My next move is critical for my family etc. So do I stick at this place or move on to somewhere else where I can expect salary’s of over 34/35k.
  2. Lewberry pie

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    If they're paying the new bloke more for the same job I'd be off like a shot, go to your boss and tell him if you don't get 33k salary within a month your gone.
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  3. Lambchops

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    They'll ask your salary expectations so say what you want plus a bit more
  4. Goat Eyes

    Goat Eyes Striker

    Demand the same money or leave. That’s a piss take TBF.

    Although it’s admirable giving somewhere good service, it takes a few moves to increase your base salary.
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  5. LondonMackem

    LondonMackem Winger

    Ask HR. No issues with looking at roles in the same company.
  6. woodlebert

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    Ask HR what the salary bracket is and if you go for it, aim for more than you want and you’ll either get it or settle for a bit lower (but still above or equal to what you actually want)

    That’s fucking rotten from your boss. If they can pay the new lad more money they can pay the longest serving employee doing the same job at least that much
  7. duff_man

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    Not as good as the works party dilemma thread of old
  8. Go to your bosses boss and tell him your boss is a if that does'nt work then try your bosses' bosses boss.

    If that does'nt work then kill them all.
  9. harmy

    harmy Midfield

    Stinks to be fair. I can do every job in the department and constantly have to show others how to do them.

    I told my boss last month I would be looking for another job.

    He actually said when he told me about the shit pay rise. ‘Maybe next year’. Was even thinking of going to see the plant manager.

    The senior engineer is probably on about 10k more than me. Fucking joke like.
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  10. Secret Visage

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    They'll have you working as cheaply as they can and they seemingly have as it's cost them another £5k to get a similar body in.

    £5k payrise or you need to move on.
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  11. Kevj

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    What discipline engineer?
  12. harmy

    harmy Midfield

  13. It’s in their interests to give you a rise as it’s going to cost them vastly more to replace you when you factor in the time it will take to recruit
  14. Wilfy

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    Just what I was going to ask.
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  15. It's common in a lot of industries that you get more money by moving around.

    Unless you've got a great bonus, share scheme or working pattern that keeps you there then it's worth looking externally.

    In the short term, speak to HR or the hiring manager about the salary range for the other job.
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  16. hullmackem

    hullmackem Striker

    Yes assuming there is a job to go to. I’ve been in a similar situation, I had staff who earned more than me, so I thought fook this and left.

    Was thinking that as I opened the thread..... classic :lol::lol:
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  17. :cry: was expecting some long thread about nubile young office temp with pics and all sorts...
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  18. Mantobar

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  19. Tex

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    Aye but a lot of places don’t think long-term like that. They’ll have some fresh graduate with an MBA and a spreadsheet trying to squeeze as much as he can.

    It’s great if people are dedicated to their employer. Better yet if your employer appreciates you and compensates accordingly. But these people are not your friends. If you’re in a job for which there is a good demand, the ONLY thing to tell your boss is that you’re not happy that junior is making more. If they don’t respond appropriately the next communication should be handing in your two weeks notice.
  20. WildTurkey

    WildTurkey Midfield

    Imagine training some new bod who is instantly making more money for less work and less experience

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