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  1. It happens all the time

    It's up to the staff member who they will take for granted to call them out.

    If the work is plentiful leaving a CV or just dropping I to conversation I'm thinking of looking for somewhere for more money can help
  2. mikemanc

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    Or there's a reasonable chance you can get a decent redundancy package in the near future.

    If you aren't happy there and think you can get more elsewhere then go. Life's too short and you spend too long at work to be somewhere you aren't happy. And I mean all things considered, I get that you might be happy with everything apart from your salary but as others have said you're being taken for granted on this issue so nothing to say you won't on anything else that happens.
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  3. niceonemarra

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    Help me to get the job, that will teach him.
  4. Flip

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    If you fncy the otehr job I would go and have a coffee / chat with the guy that manages that bit. DO NOT ask him about salary until you understand if you want the job or not. I'd tag it on the end along with whats the flexibility like, are there any differences between the two departments...then a brief. oh btw whats the salary banding or you could have the informal chat and ask HR what the band is but they tend to tell the manager youve been asking off the record. You need to make the recruiting manager believe that this isnt about salary but about wanting a minor change of direction and that you are enthusiastic for the change of role.
  5. Tex

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    But I thought your (self taught) masters is in finance not engineering?
    Or have you been busy teaching yourself to be an engineer since the finance gig didn’t work out? - on the nights you’re not gigging of course!
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  6. Haven't read the OP but how we don't have to want until page 30 for pics
  7. WildTurkey

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    I categorically would tell anyone who put me in that situation to fuck off there and then

    Only a short term contractor would be the exception
  8. 5underland

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    So for the last 6months the newbie has been getting paid more than you while you give him the benefit of your knowledge and experience? I would be fucking livid.
    Do you have a good relationship with the people who can make the decisions to increase your wage? If you do, then have a good firm chat with them. I Also wouldn’t hesitate to look in to the new job. You’ve given them 10 years, your a known entity, if they think anything of you why wouldn’t they be pleased to see you moving forward.

    PS good luck with it, hope you get what’s right.
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  9. It happened to me about 25 years ago when I wasn’t earning much as I was being sponsored through a part time degree.

    My line manager organised a pay rise but I’d soon left for another job.

    Don’t have any loyalty or scruples as companies won’t have in return.

    Work to the best of your ability but ensure that you have marketable skills and keep an eye out for better offers. Unless you are slowly dying and waiting for a fat pension.
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  10. archiesdad

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    It's the issue staying at the same company without a promotion - you get a salary lag compared to people recruited externally. Happens everywhere.
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  11. Horley Chorley

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    Totally agree with this, plus you've shown your loyalty to the company, so the very least they should do, is to show you how much they appreciate your loyalty, as well as your experience and ability to do the job you do, by giving you a pay rise, to bring your salary in line with, or above the new starters, who you have trained up.
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  12. niceonemarra

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    Its true I've been reading self help books hopefully they will sort me out.
  13. Pop

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    Look for another job at another company. Loyalty doesn’t always bring financial rewards and you can miss out on large pay bumps by staying at the same place.

    Happens all over in many industries. I kept saying I wasn’t being paid market rate for years, finally looked elsewhere and got offered the first two jobs I applied for. Took great pleasure in telling them I was leaving and what the new salary/package was.
  14. Paninaro

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    My first thought when I saw the title
    1. Yes
    2. No. Fuck him.
    3. Apply for other jobs. If you can get s good job with a decent employer elsewhere, then your current employer can go fuck themselves the cheap pricks
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  15. Kevsgreat

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    If the going rate for them getting someone else in is £5k more than they pay you they're going to have to pay it anyway if you leave - and they lose that experience.
  16. Dave Herbal

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  17. Kevj

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    Manhole inspector.
  18. yorkyexile

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    Nice to be able to in theory however a lot of in house transfers and job shifts require line managers say so
  19. dangermows

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    You agreed a salary for yourself, based on what you want/feel is justified. It shouldn't matter about anyone else.

    Happens everywhere. If someone is new they'll need to be shown the ropes a bit. That's no reflection on the person's ability, just that the trainer has been in the job longer.
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