Whatever you think of QUEEN

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  1. Having read a lot in queen I think you are pretty much spot on.
  2. Rupert The Fridge

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    Enjoyed reading that . That they sounded ( Freddie's voice and the harmonies, and the tone of Brians guitar) and looked like nobody else, is what struck me when I was growing up. I'm off to see it (for a second time) at the weekend. Can't wait.
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  3. @foggy thanks for sharing, nice read.

    I agree with you that Live Aid was the perfect climax.

    And I think you've hit the nail on the head with how the Wembley footage is so emotional.

    In 85 I think our family telly was 26in. Seeing the footage re-enacted in IMAX is simply awesome.

    And that "helicopter" shot that sweeps down and across the crowd before going around the stage... Wow!
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  4. houst69

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    Just found this on youtube, very eerie

  5. Boinger

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  6. CollingwoodFTM

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    I was saying that at work today. I’ve never known this place agree on something as much as this.
  7. houst69

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    Will be ignored by the Oscars committe
  8. AndrewP

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    That was huge for the time. You must have been rich

    Usually everyone on here hates Queen tbf.
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  9. safccfas

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    Just got back from seeing it.

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  10. niceonemarra

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  11. Dave Herbal

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    Saw it again tonight. The sound was fucked so the guitar parts were all muted. Which was a shame. And some knob sitting behind commentated to his lass all the way through.
  12. Sounds like it was class mate.
  13. Mr Redknapp

    Mr Redknapp Striker

    Was it R9ger Taylor?
  14. Bakerlooline

    Bakerlooline Midfield

    No. He would’ve had 2 lasses.
  15. “Re-enacted” is the important word, there.
  16. mickb2112

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    Talking of Metal Mickey, are you at Schenker tonight???
  17. HABA87

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    Ours was 14". :D
  18. AndrewP

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    Sand here. He must have been minted.
  19. Fucking love the intro of Radio Gaga, gives me goosebumps every time.
  20. RokerLegend

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    First music I can remember was Star Wars but the first song I remember was Radio Ga-Ga - thought Freddie was the toughest bastard in the world when i first saw that video.

    The original written lyrics to that and others are on display on Carnaby Street:


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