Whatever you think of QUEEN

Or Tony Hadley is a full length leather trench coat....on the hottest of summer days

Still laugh at the daft arse when I see him in that
Aye he must have been lathered. :)

On a day with all their contemporaries there was a certain band and individual who blew everyone away. Wonder who?

My Boy Harry

Haven’t read the rest of the thread as it no doubt went way off beam, as usual.

I remember this match and report where the music of the greatest showman was used to express the talents of the greatest footballer ever. Wait for it.

There can be only one......
Are you joking? Famously, he spent nothing on either. He was asked often why he didn’t “fix” his teeth. I think it’s fair to say it took him a long time to grow into them. I think in many ways, towards the end as he thinned out fighting AIDS he began to look more like his earlier self again.
This. He was very self concious about his teeth but worried changing them would take something away from his vocals. He had no surgery.