What’s the longest it’s taken you to realise something?

Reminds me of the anecdote on here where someones partner thought their brother-in-laws given name (something simple like "Keith") was a contraction of a much longer name. Can't find the bloody post now, cracked up for ages as the suggestions of what the longer version could be.


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The road-sign “merge in turn”. I always thought it meant that the 2 lanes merged during the turn, not that the cars are meant to take it in turn to merge. It wasn’t
Until I saw it on a straight road the penny dropped:lol:


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Said this recently on another post, but until a couple of months ago I thought hand gliding was hang gliding. Was a proper mind blown moment when my 13 year old corrected me


I just dropped the bomb about the aforementioned "piggy" to my colleague who is 25.
She was quite shocked.
I found this hilarious.

I went for a midnight piss and a load of older kids drenched me with a hosepipe.
But it wasn't a hosepipe... and it wasn't water.