Wetherspoons profits down by 19%

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Flared Hicks, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. What A Waster

    What A Waster Winger

    Have you read the article that you linked?

    Profits are down but sales are up.
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  2. So the thread title is true then.
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  3. Summer Bee

    Summer Bee Midfield

    Trying to keep drink prices down while the tax on drink rises every year, coupled with extra provisions being needed for staffing and pensions
  4. What A Waster

    What A Waster Winger

    I'm responding to him suggesting it may be people not going due to the Brexit supporting Tim Martin.
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  5. Chappers

    Chappers Striker

    Love spoons me like
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  6. I used to meet friends for a weekly get together in one near us, but we've all agreed to stop funding him since he posted propaganda everywhere in the place, and even posted it to our homes. I'm sure we're not alone in our boycoutt.

    JAZZMANB Striker

    Jesus's fathas carpentry business went of the rails when he headed off to be the peoples messiah

    Link.Financial Times March 0017
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  8. Boz33

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    Revenue and like for like sales up by 6&7%
    Staffing cost rises, depreciation, repairs etc all listed as extra costs, can’t really see what the problem is
  9. I'm responding by showing that is indeed happening.
  10. Frijj

    Frijj Striker Contributor

    It’s profit, not sales that matter, no?
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  11. Summer Bee

    Summer Bee Midfield

    Depends, if they have expected a drop in profits due to repairs etc. then they'll be confident for the next financial report based on sales levels
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  12. 87 Others

    87 Others Full Back

    But sales are up, it's the costs that are increasing
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  13. Boz33

    Boz33 Winger

    It is indeed but if you have repairs, extra staffing costs,depreciation of assets and the like profit will naturally go down, especially with a company that isn’t trying to screw every last penny out of customers. I doubt he’d get many plaudits from customers for sticking an extra 50p on a pint to preserve his profits
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  14. Summer Bee

    Summer Bee Midfield

    share price is up today, so it looks like it was forecasted
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  15. cluffy

    cluffy Striker

    He’s a fcking knacker politically but god knows what’ll happen to British pub culture if he gets in trouble.
    I give him a pass as Spoons are a decent institution
  16. I would tend to agree with you. I don't think Brexit blowback would be a major factor in those numbers
  17. Boz33

    Boz33 Winger

    Love him or loathe the fella on a personal level he offers a decent product for a decent price. No matter wher you go in the country you know what your going to get at a reasonable price
  18. Some Random Guy

    Some Random Guy Striker

    Gone downhill since they started offering a vegan option isn't a bowl of chips.
  19. Summer Bee

    Summer Bee Midfield

    A lot of big business owners have questionable views or ethics, but it doesn't deter most people from using their company unless it's extreme. His political views won't turn off anywhere near enough people to stop people using spoons. I'd bet at least 90% of people who go to the cooper rose on the weekend couldn't even tell you who the bloke is if you asked
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