Wetherspoons profits down by 19%

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Flared Hicks, Mar 15, 2019.

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    Class. Cheap and canny booze and food forwhat you pay is good. Breakfasts are class
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    what if there is no other pubs to sell to in your area because wetherspoons has priced them out?

    you mean like wearing British made stuff over imported stuff, aye your right. same as buying locally sourced milk, buying British red tractor meat, buying British made clothes etc. i do it where i can, cost and availability permitting.

    it's especially important that we start to do it now, considering the economic instability that we face. as Tim Martin is a brexiteer, you would think he would be more supportive of local British brewers. they are a great company to work for and he should take a lot of credit for building a great company but i just think he should practice what he preaches more.

    to hand no, because i'm at work. a lot of it was verbal, but there have been articles online to support my point. then again, it depends on your fiscal leaning. if you believe in monopolies and control, then it would be a massive waste of time for the both of us. if you believe in fair business, it's a reasonable point.
  3. They will start to go down, as will be shown eventually. Nothing is entirely irrelevant.
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    I understand that mate. In my opinion it's a moot point. Those small brewers aren't obliged to do business with spoons.
  5. I buy local milk direct from the farmer, but understand why others don't.
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    Because there's not many farmers in Eden Vale
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  7. There's farmers all over the country setting places where milk can be bought directly from them. I know that Asda sells one brand of milk that specifically benefits the farmer. I've got the benefit of a purely local source, but there are efforts in place to redress the balance. I suppose it's similar to Spoons buying in some craft beers at a price that benefits them both. I don't think many of their customers partake, as it's a niche market. Milk however isn't.
  8. King Gammon
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    I always thought spoons was quite fair on the rest of the pub trade

    I remember from when I was a lad and me mam and step dad owned pubs, they had regular meeting with the local pub trade in the area and spoons were pretty good at helping organise stuff, very fair in trying to share custom and encourage people to pub crawl etc.

    I don't believe in monopolies etc. which is why I have such an issue with breweries owning pubs such as Punch. But my experience of them and my families experience of them has always been one of helpful and good neighbours.

    I don't recognise this description of pricing out the competition in the area forcing them to go elsewhere. For a small brewery which will primarily sell original ales and beers.... I just don't recognise this description.

    We've obviously had two very different experiences of this.
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    Only a joke mate, tbf I probably should look into it, I'm just lazy
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    The poor bloke only made £50M in 6 months. I don't think he'll be flogging off the family silver anytime soon.
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    This sounds like a service offered by post apocalyptic/Brexit hookers.
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    To sort their profile out they should open a beer tent in Trafalgar square.
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    This thread is basically 'Who can read all of an article and understand the information therein'.
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    I gan to the pub to get away from all the shite in day to day life. I'd be fucked if I'd gan to this knackers pubs and have all his Brexit shite hoyed in my face.
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    But sales were up. So you having a go at other people's binary thinking is a bit rich.
  17. I bet you'd love a hard Brexit
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    Well there's definitely a plus side for the other pub goers if they don't have to listen to moaning remainers who are still crying into their pints and having a hissy fit.
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    That’s cos the banned me and Taff got banned.
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