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Wear crossing

Discussion in 'SMB' started by steve30000, Dec 23, 2016.

  1. steve30000

    steve30000 Striker

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  2. Heeeed the Ball

    Heeeed the Ball Striker

    Love a big lift me
  3. Bladecat

    Bladecat Striker

  4. Somebody's very jealous
  5. steve30000

    steve30000 Striker

    It's nearly always busy on there. Of course we need this bridge, he thinks we should be spending money on something else..

    That's what it is. Got to be a mag
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  6. might boycoutt it
  7. Because they don't have any bridges of their own . They share them with Gateshead .
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  8. Hooky

    Hooky Central Defender

    I've got to agree, its a bridge from one B&M bargains to another. I use Queen Alex bridge every day at rush hour and the max wait is 7 min's at max. During the day there is no traffic at all. Its a waste of money. The argument that Nissan will start to use the port is a load of rubbish as the roads along to B&Q would also need doing.
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  9. DiscoPants86

    DiscoPants86 Midfield

    That's the plan, I believe there's another section of road to be built from the new bridge under the Queen Alex.
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  10. I wish it was more of a landmark. Tusks and that.
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  11. Marty Moose

    Marty Moose Striker

    i can only imagine the nightmare of that shit roundabout next to the echo flats if nissan starts hoying a load of trucks through that way, its bad enough as it is
  12. duff_man

    duff_man Striker

    Aren't those roads part of the overall plan?
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  13. mackem35

    mackem35 Central Defender

    Without this bridge the land that was previously Groves would never be opened up the strategic road n/w would never happen. We might as well not bother any roads / bridges if the "well I never have to wait more than x mins" brigade all had their way. I wish this bridge had been open when we had the year of single lane traffic on the QA bridge when it was being painted. One B&M to another, well try telling that to someone in Castletown or Redhouse when they need an ambulance and the A19 is it's usual chaos and the QA is backed up. The usual waste of money if it is Sunderland but best thing ever when it is the place up the road - well fortunately it is getting built and all the doom merchants can go and f... off.
  14. Hooky

    Hooky Central Defender

    Aye - at a cost of another £20m. Something like £40m in total for some roads with no guarantee that they will be used.
  15. zwartekat

    zwartekat Striker

    We love the bridge.
  16. Hooky

    Hooky Central Defender

    Cack. I've been on the Alex Bridge a number of times when Ambulances have gone over. Takes no time. I drive from Millfield to Redhouse every day and I can tell you its a waste of money. If it was needed I would support it, but its not.
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  17. shogun1904

    shogun1904 Striker

    If only they could build another bridge giving people another route over the water.
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  18. mackem35

    mackem35 Central Defender

    So you won't be using the new bridge when it is built ? Like you say takes no time at all to the use the QA and if you think the new bridge is such a waste of money.

    Millfield / Pallion are at the end of the QA so yeah I reckon it will take you no time at all - for us in the real world who use the A19 (when it grinds to a halt) takes a good 30 mins to drive off the A19 along to the QA and then all the way back just to cross the river - without the bridge the new road network is a waste of time so why bother. If we don't build this bridge in x years time people will be on here complaining about massive delays and how there is no development.

    Suggest you look at this

  19. Hooky

    Hooky Central Defender

    Why would you drive over the Wear A19 bridge, down Wessington way and then back over? Coming off at the Chester Road roundabout would be better. If you are saying you come from Boldon down the A19 and down Wessington way then you are cutting off what little queue there are at the Green roundabout which is busy about 20 mins a day. Traffic at that part of town is never so busy anyone would avoid it, its not quite like getting past team valley pre upgrade.
  20. hairynaker

    hairynaker Midfield

    If people are saying that the traffic is not that bad, then now is the perfect time for a new bridge. The traffic is not going to decrease, seems like sensible planning to me.

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