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Vic Reeves Big Night Out

Discussion in 'SMB' started by jarramackem, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. Spirit level
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  2. Mr Redknapp

    Mr Redknapp Striker

    You look like Ray Reardon trying to obtain concessionary bus fares.

    One of the moments that cracked me up the first time was when Vic patted a fake seagull on the head and said "fly away to freedom my little beauty", then it swung back and he got knocked off his chair in such a stupid fashion :lol: :lol:
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  3. My favourite:

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  4. 007Iron

    007Iron Midfield

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  5. "You got any booze f't baby?"
    "You can't give a baby booze, you can't give a baby booze, you can't give-a-baby booze!"
    "How about a fag?"

    "You cannot deny the verdict of the ginger pop star's hair, victory is mine and the voices in my head are silenced" :lol:

    "On tonight's show we have a tramp with a lamp and a little bit of cramp and a wary canary with a bellyful of bolts."
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  6. Pete

    Pete Midfield

    You werk shy fop Reeves

    What do we want?
    What are the chances?
  7. Falconhoof

    Falconhoof Winger

    I used to like how Bob merely turned the Lister wig inside out for his Judge Nutmeg cap :lol:
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  8. "I was painting the underside of a fox the other day, but I had to use a roller on the end of a long pole, 'cos it was quite a high fox, and I had the bright idea of opening a window to let some air in. So if you want a bright idea, try painting the underside of a fox - but make sure it's quite a high fox. Or if you can't find a fox then try a wolf, but PLEASE... do make sure it's quite a high wolf.
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  9. 007Iron

    007Iron Midfield

    "Reeves I have in my pocket two stamps, and they're slightly damp"

    :lol:One of my favorites that.

    "Reeves I have in my pocket two stamps, and they're slightly damp"

    Bob: "Vic, have you farted?"
    Vic: "No."
    Bob: "What, never?"
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  10. I was at the night the Wonderstuff were on and I am in the live video
    Great night

    I do too hahaha class

    Very poor indeed
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  11. "Later on we'll be meeting a super trooper in a brown Mini Cooper with a pooper-scooper and that'll be super-duper."

    "Later on we'll be meeting a lazy priest with an eye for the ladies - ON THE END OF A CLOTHES POLE?!"

    "Later on we'll be meeting the watermark sisters, and you can only see them if you hold them up to a very bright light."

    "Later on we'll be meeting a priest with some yeast stuck between his teeth and his friend called Keith who's a hair-piece thief."
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  12. Sam Handwich

    Sam Handwich Winger

    Get them up on Youporn mate. Share and share alike.
  13. Before we went to see the comeback tour we downloaded BNO series 1 from iTunes. Think the rest are on there too.
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  14. The Exile

    The Exile Striker

    I do hope The Man With The Stick's kids are still working for Vic. They'll be late 20's now.

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  15. Helmerroids

    Helmerroids Midfield

    Nothing on TV, maybe with the exception of Fawlty Towers made me laugh harder than BNO. Comedy Geniuses the pair of them, just such naturally funny people. There’s a lovely documentary on YouTube about the story of how it came to be, well worth making the trip down memory lane.
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  16. jackynutmeg

    jackynutmeg Winger

    Greg Mitchell....no no no...my wife's gonna kill me!
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  17. 007Iron

    007Iron Midfield

    Forgot about these introductions. Lollin here.

    Downloaded both series from 4OD (I think) to iPad. Must watch again.

    "I was completely in the daaaaaaaaark":lol:
  18. Our dog does a Greg Mitchell impression when he's pleased to see you
  19. Its about this time of night that I like to pour golden graham's onto a shrimps eye. :lol:

    "oh, no, no, no, my wife's gonna kill me"?
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