Using a Karcher pressure washer to chase cats out of your garden

The soap powder

Central Defender
Aye that would help. You need to train your dog to be an expert killer, no mercy.
If he's anything like my last dog, an expert sleeper, then it's best of luck with that task.:)
He is the hardest dog in the world when hes in the house with the door shut ..... When the door opens he hides
And a dog doesn't ruin your garden? Don't be daft.
Our cats are class anyway

Well maybe you should enclose your garden better.
Other people shouldn't allow their pets out unless under supervision. The cat is the owner's responsibility.
Reasonable force is permitted when dealing with unwanted guests.
far cheaper to put poison down for the little bastards
If you want to leave pieces of meat soaked in anti freeze lying around in your garden, it's not your problem if somebody doesn't stop their cat from wandering in and eating it.
You can leave whatever you want lying in your garden


Not sure I’d be put off burgling by a cocker spaniel running to lick me with it’s shite breath.
True, but a German Shepherd barking and guarding its territory might make the opportunist (most common) burglar look further down the street for an easier target.

A cat would just sit and watch him steal stuff.
Anyone that would intentionally hurt or kill a cat is an absolute kernt. Whether you like them or not. They are someone's pet just like a dog is. Both are part of a family and would cause upset if they were killed.

There's an owner of a dog that lets said dog shit all over our front lawn. Same time same place every day. Not once have I thought about hurting the dog.

Throw/ blast water at cats but antifreeze :oops:.