Using a Karcher pressure washer to chase cats out of your garden


We’ve got a cat and I used to hate it but it’s pretty friendly since growing up and certainly nicer than my mums old cat.


Bit more accuracy than throwing a cup of water on them.
Sends a proper message as well.
Anybody tried this method?
My dad was once using it in the garden and he discovered a frog with almost the entirety of its skin blasted off. On that evidence alone I'd say it'd work like magic on cats.


Cats are very arrogant just wandering about all day and night shitting and staring at people ...... One sits on top of my car staring in my front window and when I'm out it lies on my drive so when I pull up just lies there like a twat ........ I hate the thing but it knows its too quick for me so nothing I can do
Mine cried at the door to get out one day, when I let him out he just sat outside the patio door looking in at me. f***ing weirdo


Anyone that would intentionally hurt or kill a cat is an absolute kernt.

This. Should be instantly put on a watch list and banned from keeping any animal for life.

Seems to be a recurring theme on this board, the dislike of and wanting to harm cats, it's weird.