Useful alexa things amazon dot


Ours is in the kitchen abd its spot on. Ask it to tell me the news ona morning, whilst im making the cuppas. Then a bit of talksport whilst i get the breakfast done. BBC newcastle (black and white twats), at tea.

I use the timers all the time when cooking/washing clothes. Reminder to pick the kids up.

What's on the calendar (although haven't used this for a while).

What time is it in a certain place (work).

Play music/my playlist

Kids play music

What's the opening hours for the nearest shop

Reorder your favourite takeaway

Add stuff to shopping list - this is amazing when you are pottering about in the kitchen, as always used to forget stuff.

Had a few drop ins, where you can talk through alexa when you are out and about. If I cannot get hold of the wife (no) on her mobile.

I know I probably sound like a tart but I work from home and have two 5 year olds, so always stuff to do in the house.

Love the alexa.