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  1. lenshack

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    Wonder how we’ll be on for a bit of compen. Will it be every manjack for himself or what ?
  2. Can log in but can't transfer any money to my non TSB account.......hmmmmm
  3. I've put in a complaint about not being able to transfer funds from one account to the other but all I want is an assurance there will be no bank charges for missed direct debit or standing order payments.
  4. Rottie

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    aye, if I get that far I get that same message.

    TSB are saying they'll waive any charges for all of April.

    Pity my charges are gonna be off Lloyds cos I'm fkng skint.
  5. They’ve confirmed that haven’t they?
  6. Not sure but SMB is generally more accurate on things like this. I'd trust a MLF over a bank any day. Which probably explains a lot but that's another story.
  7. MonkeyLove

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    Not really they have been said people won' be left out of pocket.

    Compensating people for fines from other banks is one thing. Impacts to people' credit ratings due to missed payments etc... is another
  8. duff_man

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    Thats all well and good but I am trying to transfer duff_lady some money I owe her, will they replace my bollocks when she chops them off?
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  9. MonkeyLove

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    See if they will pay for your manning up treatment
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  10. Fair enough. I would imagine they would compensate for this.

    Have they actually missed payments? They have said the back end is working normally, so surely they have paid and you can’t see them?
  11. MonkeyLove

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    People cant transfer to other accounts or banks.

    Therefore if you couldn't manually pay your rent or a sum off your credit card and got penalised for it Is expect TSB are liable to cover it. If they aren't and still don't morally then I'd be amazed if they don't hemorage customers
  12. We will see I guess

    It’s a massive farce
  13. lenshack

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    Waiving April charges is jackshit in comparison to the problems they’ve caused and the losses incurred as a result.

    I’m out foreign at the moment, so I don’t even have the option of going into a nearby branch and raising the roof.
  14. Rottie

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    not as far as you but I'm in Barrow, nearest branch is over an hour away. I'll go in tomorrow when I get home.

    here's the CEO's patter if you're interested.

    TSB chaos: 'We are on our knees,' says boss
  15. duff_man

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    I'll ask for some hints on domestic violence when I ask them
  16. GlasgowMackem88

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    My situation has got worse since I spoke to them yesterday.

    I could get on to my online banking but couldn't do anything on it. Phoned them yesterday and now I can't get onto online banking at all and it is telling me that I need to re-do my memorable information etc and that my birth date was wrong.

    All I want to do is transfer money from the E-Savers to the Classic Essentials account so that I can pay bills. Uncontactable by phone the lot.

    Been on hold for nearly 2 hours on the landline phone at work.
  17. duff_man

    duff_man Striker

    Just tried mine, can log on but then can't make any payments as my password is too long or too short, despite it letting me log onto the site with it at the start!
  18. Teejay

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    Read somewhere that you can put a random digit on the end and that will you do it.
  19. FootballFan

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    Any update on this mess?
  20. West_Winger

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